NFL Season Predictions 2014 (Mr. Editor)

The members of the Fresh Take team are putting together their season projects for the upcoming NFL season, picking the Division winners, Wildcard teams, Conference Champs and Super Bowl Champs as well as giving one BOLD prediction. At the end of the season we will do a “where I was right/ where I was wrong” recap and we will see who among us is Nostradamus and who is the “weakest link” GOOD BYE!

NFC South: New Orleans Saints
NFC West: Seattle Seahawks
NFC North: Green Bay Packers
NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles

Wild Cards: Washington Professional Football Team/San Francisco 49ers

NFC Champions: Green Bay Packers

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals
AFC South: Indianapolis Colts
AFC West: Denver Broncos
AFC East: New England Patriots

Wild Cards: San Diego Chargers/Houston Texans (if healthy)

AFC Champions: Indianapolis Colts

Super Bowl Champions: Green Bay Packers – Our conference championship games will be to Week 1 revenge moments. This will create a somewhat lopsided match-up where the “heir to the throne’s” luck will run out (haha) and the better team will win.

MVP: Andrew Luck – no Lombardi just yet but the kid starts building his legacy this year
oROY: Derek Carr – not many viable options this year. This award is basically the “best rookie QB” award and, by default, it’ll be Carr.
dROY: Jadeveon Clowney (if healthy) – He’s a beast that landed in the perfect spot. He obviously has to be able to play to win though.
oPOY: Calvin Johnson – Golden Tate on the other side will take away some of those triple coverages.
dPOY: Demarcus Ware – Ware is a very angry man with a LOT to prove. He WILL re-earn our respect this year.
Coach Of The Year: Lovie Smith – The co-creator of the Tampa 2 returns to re-invigorate it.
Bold Prediction: Lovie Smith will turn the Buccaneers into a top 5 defense.

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