BoSo’s Week 2 NFL Fresh Picks

Week 1 in the NFL was an exciting one indeed!!! It is just sad to see such a great week of football overshadowed by the Ray Rice situation. Another great group of games is slated for the masses so I am glad that my “job” has gotten a tad trickier. At the conclusion of Week 1 I finished 10-6 on my predictions (Waddup’ Sir Matthew Fresh) so I will look to improve on that this week. Through a microscope the best overall team performance would have to go to the defending champs, the Seattle Seahawks. The most talented quarterback I’ve ever watched thus far in my life, Aaron Rodgers, looked like an Alex Smith clone. Notable performers from Week 1 that are worthy of mention is Mr. Megatron Calvin Johnson, Matt Ryan (he reminds me of Earthworm Jim). Both players lead their respective teams to victory. I also got to give a shoutout for the shock performer of the week Allen Hurns. Nobody had him on their fantasy radar and more impressively the undrafted wide receiver worked his way up the depth chart. I am sure the complacentness of Justin Blackmon is a contributing factor, but Mr. Hurns go head & smell those daisies because you earned it. I also must say he is the lowest profiled ex-Miami Hurricane to be playing at such a high level out the gate.

Week 2

Steelers 26 Ravens 13

Dolphins 23 Bills 18

Lions 28 Panthers 20

Falcons 33 Bengals 30

Saints 20 Browns 12

Patriots 32 Vikings 17

Cardinals 24 Giants 28

Cowboys 21 Titans 27

Jaguars 22 Redskins 30

Seahawks 19 Chargers 15

Rams 10 Buccaneers 19

Chiefs 14 Broncos 41

Jets 17 Packers 34

Texans 24 Raiders 17

Bears 20 49ers 26

Eagles 32 Colts 36

Johnny Madness - BOOM!!! He's Done It Again

Bold Prediction Of The Week: Ryan Tannehill will torch the Bills Dfense for 400 all purpose yards. Trent Richardson will rush for 150 yards.

2 thoughts on “BoSo’s Week 2 NFL Fresh Picks”

  1. Bills over Fish
    skins over Jax
    titans over boys
    Cards over Giants
    NE over vikes
    saints over browns
    bengals over dirty birds
    Lions over PANTHERS
    Buccs OVER rams,
    Hu$Tle = Ru$$ell
    tex over car,
    pack over jets
    bronco, over cheifs
    9ers, over bears
    colts over eagles

    week 2….lets go

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