FreshTake NFL Wrap: Week 2

Will the real NFL please stand up?

The theme for Week 2 of the NFL season was change as teams that we thought we had a grasp of after Week 1 did a total about face seven days later.

This is why the NFL is king, it really is a week-to-week soap opera, so that’s what we are going to ride with as our theme for this week’s wrap. Name another site that gives you both classic Slim Shady and George Clooney’s boy-ishly handsome smile. You can’t? That’s why we are awesome.

Sam Bradford's Doctor...
Sam Bradford’s Doctor…

Let’s also keep in mind that I am not a 77-year-old housewife therefor my knowledge of these soap operas aside from their titles is super minimal, so save your hate emails Roslyn, Ingrid and Margaret.


The Young and the Restless:

You’d have a hard time convincing me that Kirk Cousins doesn’t hold some animosity against RGIII. KC12 (yup, I’m starting that) has outplayed Griffin at every turn this off-season; looking better in camp, at practice and in the preseason games. In a true meritocracy, Cousins would have won the job a while ago no questions asked. Alas when it comes to the type of money a #2 pick in a draft gets versus a 4th rounder that system of merit goes out the window. Cousins got his shot, though, when RGIII went down with a severe ankle injury in the first half of the Washington victory over the Black-bag Jags. Cousins delivered just as he has all offseason lighting up Jacksonville to the tune of 250 yards with 2 touchdowns. Granted this is a small sample size and it was against the Jags for God’s sake, we are going to reserve judgement on KC12 for a few more weeks.


1000 Words...
1000 Words…


General Hospital:

On the field the biggest story was how many guys got carted off the field. The aforementioned Robert Griffin III was a big one. Other notable injuries include Miami’s Knowshon Moreno who suffered a dislocated elbow. The prognosis on Moreno is that he will be out at least a month.

Big time WR A.J. Green suffered a toe injury while playing the Falcons on Sunday. He sat out the rest of the game but according to Head Coach Marvin Lewis the injury isn’t anything long term and Green could be available this week vs. Tennessee.

In another episode of “God hates Mykhal’s Fantasy team”, Ryan Matthews suffered a sprained MCL even though San Diego pulled out an improbable victory against the Seattle Seahawks. The brightside is it’s only a sprain so after a few weeks Matthews will be back to his regular inconsistent self. Sigh, f*** my fantasy life.

Other injuries include Jamaal Charles, DeSean Jackson who both will be ready to rock Sunday and Charles Peanut Tillman, who suffered the same injury that cost him his 2013 season. Unfortunately, this may spell the end of the career of one of the best DB’s in Chicago Bears’ history.

Ryan’s Hope:

I'm sure Lamar is a wonderful human-being off the field, but Atlanta CUT THIS MAN
I’m sure Lamar is a wonderful human-being off the field, but Atlanta CUT THIS MAN!!!

Matt Ryan took a beating this past Sunday at the hands of Carlos Dunlap and the Cincinnati Bengals. The make shift O-line Atl brass has put in front of its franchise QB is going to get him killed. Lamar Holmes is not an NFL O-lineman. The charade that Thomas Dimitroff, the Falcons GM, has put on to protect his own investment at this point is getting ridiculous. Mr. Thomas with all due respect, in 2012 with your 3rd round pick you failed, miserbly. Cut ties with Holmes now before he matadors his way to ending Matt Ryan’s (and by extension) the Atlanta Falcons’ season. If Holmes keeps playing this is the likely outcome.

The Bold and the Beautiful:

Just when you thought Aaron Rodgers couldn’t get any more magical.

He led the Pack back from a 3 score deficit vs the New York Jets in the second half to erase all doubt of his “decline” the man still wears the belt. DOUBLE CHECK!

Jay Cutler also put on his own comeback for the ages defeating his opponent the rough, rugged and dysfunctional San Francisco 49ers. Kaep‘s interceptions and Coach Harbaugh’s out of character clock management issues led to their ultimate demise. Oh and Brandon Marshall’s Brandon Marshall-ness.

Daaaaa Bears
Daaaaa Bears!

News and Notes:

  • After mulling retirement DE John Abraham returned this week to the Arizona Cardinals.
  • This Adrian Peterson situation is going to get a worse before it gets better.
  • So is the Greg Hardy Situation.
  • Who dat that 0-2? I’m so happy that the Falcons contributed in the misery of New Orleans Aint’s fans.
  • I’m also happy for the Buffalo Bills 2-0 start. The fan base in Buffalo is really loyal and after years of misfires they deserve some good news.


Well that’s the Wrap! In this section I’ll put “bold Predictions” for the upcoming week and also document where I was right and where I was wrong.

BOLD Predictions:

The Over/Under for the Packers-Lions game is 52 points, I’m taking the Over.

Derek Carr out-duels Tom Brady to the tune of 275+ yards and 2 touchdowns.

Falcons don’t record a sack in their Thursday night game against Tampa, but still manage to win 44-23.

Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, and Wes Welker all go over 80 receiving yards as Denver wipes the floor with Seattle.


Email me with any questions, thoughts or just to say I’m an idiot

See you next week folks! – Glass

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