The Forgotten Face of Evil: Gary Glitter, The Stadium Icon

The feeling of watching a live game in a stadium is unlike any other feeling, the screaming fans, the cold beer, and of course, that good ol’ fashion stadium music. A great Rock and Roll anthem can really get your blood pumping, this is why songs like “Eye of the Tiger” and “We will Rock You” are instant classics in the hearts of many football fans across America. However one could easily argue that the biggest song in the history of stadium music is “Rock and Roll part 2” a song written by Gary Glitter, an infamous rock star who topped the charts in the 1970’s.

Chances are if you ever purchased tickets to a live event, or even watched enough games on television then you have probably heard that song before. Those legendary guitar strings and powerful drum kicks can flood any stadium with pandemonium. Unfortunately the man behind this song is probably the most evil man you never heard of.


Over the course of his career Gary Glitter has been connected to numerous pedophile charges against under aged boys and girls in several different countries.

With the current media spotlight squarely focused on the egregious actions of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, I think its only fair to add another name into the media bonfire.

The heinous crimes of Gary Glitter deserve some attention. He was deported from Cambodia for practicing pedophilia and later convicted in Vietnam for committing similar crimes against under aged children. After being released from a Vietnam prison, he was forced back to London after being denied entry into Thailand and China.

Throughout all these convictions and deportations across the globe, Gary Glitter made thousands of dollars on royalties in American Stadiums. In many ways, one could say that our sports obsessed culture helped finance his crimes against children.
It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear his famous song playing after a Tom Brady touch-down or even after a powerful Slam Dunk in an NBA game. From baseball to hockey and everything in between, Gary Glitter has left his slimy finger print on the soul of American sports.

If Adrian Peterson can be suspended for the abuse of a child, then why is it too much to ask the same for Gary Glitter? I personally  propose a lifetime ban, not only in America, but a world wide ban against his music at all sporting events.
The media backlash on crimes of a certain people always seem to outshine the crimes of others, but today, I pray that we reflect on a more sinister enemy. An enemy who has left a trail of abused children behind him. An enemy who has hid under the media’s radar for far too long. This is the forgotten face of evil… Gary Glitter.

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