BoSo’s Week 3 NFL Fresh Picks

BoSo here back at you and I must say Week 3 was not a pleasant week for my fantasy teams (shakes head at my boy Adriel Jeremiah Green) or my weekly predictions. Last week I was a mere 5-11 which is atrocious to say the least. Which brings my season record to a modest 15-17 :(… NO BUENO. Well another week is upon us and I had to show my mortal side but this week I am going to rev it up to super saiyan status. We have plenty of great games on the cards and this week will really separate the contenders from pretenders.

Week 3

Buccaneers 24 Falcons 38

Chargers 17 Bills 20

Cowboys 34 Rams 16

Redskins 27 Eagles 20

Texans 20 Giants 14

Vikings 14 Saints 29

Titans 9 Bengals 22

Ravens 16 Browns 13

Packers 33 Lions 28

Colts 31 Jaguars 10

Raiders 14 Patriots 48

49ers 25 Cardinals 3

Broncos 20 Seahawks 23

Chiefs 17 Dolphins 18

Steelers 20 Panthers 18

Bears 24 Jets 20

Bold Prediction of the Week: Kniles Davis will rush for 150 yards and Kirk Cousins will throw for 350 yards with 3 TDs (pass)… DeSean Jackson will account for 150 of that yardage.


2 thoughts on “BoSo’s Week 3 NFL Fresh Picks”

  1. Bo 5-11 vs Fresh 7-9 (week 2)

    After thursday nights debacle we both 16 -17 ( i tied it up) …. today i’ll take the lead.

  2. Bills over Bolts
    Bengals over Titans
    Browns over Baltimore
    Packers over Detroit
    Indy over Jax
    Raiders over Pats (upset special)
    Saints over Vikings
    Giants over Texans (upset special)
    Eagles over redz
    St Louis over Boys(upset special)
    SF over Cards
    Fish over KC
    Hawks over Broncos
    Carolina over Pit
    Jets over Bears (upset special)


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