NFL Season Predictions 2014 (BoSo)

The members of the Fresh Take team are putting together their season projects for the Upcoming NFL season, picking the division winners, wildcard teams, Conference Champs and Super-bowl Champs as well as giving one BOLD prediction. At the end of the season we will do a “where I was right/ where I was wrong” recap and we will see who among us is Nostradamus and who is the “weakest link” GOOD BYE!

BoSo’s Fresh Picks:

NFC South Champs: Atlanta Falcons

NFC East Champions: Philadelphia Eagles

NFC West Champs: Seattle Seahawks

NFC North Champs: Green Bay Packers

NFC Wildcard 1: Detroit Lions

NFC Wildcard 2: Washington Professional Football Team


NFC Champs: Atlanta Falcons


AFC South Champs: Houston Texans

AFC East Champs: Miami Dolphins (fan pick *sigh*)

AFC West Champs: Denver Broncos

AFC North Champs: Cincinnati Bengals

AFC Wildcard 1: New England Patriots

AFC Wildcard 2: Indianapolis Colts


AFC Champs: New England Patriots

Super Bowl Match-up: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

Super Bowl Champs: New England Patriots (Finally overcome Spygate)

MVP: Arian Foster (Texans)

OROY: Mike Evans (Buccaneers)

DROY: Khalil Mack (Raiders)

DPOY: Kiko Alonso (Bills)

Most Improved Offensvie Player: Cordarrelle Patterson (Vikings)

Most Improved Defensive Player: Sheldon Richardson (Jets)

Coach of The Year: Chip Kelly (Eagles)

Bold Predictions Of The Year: Matthew Stafford will throw for 5000 yards. Arian Foster will rush for 2000 yards. Johnny Manziel will successfully take over the helm in Cleveland by Week 12.

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