FreshTake NFL Wrap: Week 3

Welp, that didn’t take long for me to look like a complete moron, one week into the bold predictions segment of The Wrap and I am an astounding ½ out of 4.

Here were the BP’s from last week with the results in parenthesis.

The Over/Under for the Packers- Lions game is 52, I’m taking the Over (The Correct answer was Under, way, way under this matchup of Gunslinger QB’s turned into a defensive stand-off 19-7. SURPISE!)

Derek Carr Outduels Tom Brady to the tune of 275+ yards and 2 touchdowns.  (Carr: 174 Yards 0 TDs. Brady: Better than that BS you just read. Derek Carr is now “David” til further notice.)

Falcons don’t record a sack in their Thursday night game against Tampa, but still manage to win 44-23. (According to the rule I just made up for the purposes of saving face I’m half right on this one. The Falcons dominated in their win 56-14 and- thankfully- recorded a few sacks of the ever embattled QB Josh Mckown.)

Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, and Welker all over 80 Yards as Denver wipes the floor with Seattle. (excuse me for a moment) hahahahaha…Welp, this seems like as good a place as any to start with our Week 3 Wrap

“I Know I shouldn’t say this, but I actually wanted Overtime, I live for those moments”.  –Russell Wilson

Maybe Tony Dungy wasn’t too far off in his comparison of Russ to Joe Montana a few weeks back because Russ and Seahawks are very good at Football.

The prodigal son has returned!
The prodigal son has returned!

Seattle threatened to run away In that game though, we got to see the enormous growth Russell Wilson has made from “game manager” to Franchise QB. Tossing the swine 34 times and having the offense dependent on his back and legs for much of the game. The 13 play, 80 yard drive that end the game included 6 throws and 4 runs from Russ himself.

Head Coach Pete Carroll was perspicacious in his glowing praise of Wilson

“He’s just an amazing football player, he really is. He just keeps a drive alive. It’s really hard to stop us in that situation, because he’s so good at it. He makes something happen.”

His growth is very reminiscent of a young Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Seattle is sooner to be- if they are already- everyone’s second favorite team, and their most hated once they win too much… Merica’


Cincinnati 33 trillion – Tennessee… Still in a coma

Week three is my favorite week to learn about teams, barring injury to key players it gives the viewing public to see a team at their best, worst as well as their happy median. Through 3 games the Bengals happy median seems to be Super Bowl bound with yet another dismantling of a team that mayyyyy have been slightly overrated. The questions in the Natti have never been about the talent, it’s been about their central cog sir Andy Dalton of the Ginger Tribe.

Does FreshTake care that this image of a young Danny Bonaduce has NOTHING to do with Andy Dalton?... Nope.
Does FreshTake care that this image of a young Danny Bonaduce has NOTHING to do with Andy Dalton?… Nope.

I like so far what I’ve seen from Dalton and the Bengals the offense isn’t playing like they are in a bubble. The emergence of Gio Bernard as a feature back has really seemed to speed up the growth of Dalton giving my peeps up in Shaker Heights something to cheer for.


Dalton has played very well to start the season, never making the key mistake to cost his team. He has become effective and efficient while not becoming overly conservative. Oh and he did this

My best guess is that Cinci won’t go 16-0, but they will prove to be true contenders this year, and that step up is because of Andy Dalton, KING OF THE GINGERS


Things we learned from Week 3:

  • Get to know the name Todd Bowles, Bowles has don’t a masterful job as the DC of the Arizona Cardinals. his defense remains as one of the NFL’s elite even missing many of the stars that made that defense a household name last season. Arizona is 3-0 with a Backup QB. That D comes to play with bad intentions.
  • We are going to find out a lot about the QB’s of the 2014 Draft Class this week as the keys to the Vikings and Jaguars offenses have been handed over to Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles respectively.

a quick google search of Teddy Bridgewater brings you thises top results... Theodore, please explain

A quick google search of Teddy Bridgewater brings you thises top results… Theodore, please explain
  • Phillip Rivers is no fluke, following up last weeks heroic effort with a 18-25 256 yard 2 TD day. He tossed the ball around the yard hitting 6 different WR in the process.
  • Now THAT’S Pittsburg Steelers football! Le’veon Bell (21 carries 147 yards) and LeGarrette Blount (10 carries 118 yards) carried the mail for Pitt as they hammered their way to a victory vs the Carolina Panthers. Amazing what you can do when you aren’t sky high.
  • In the next 8 weeks Carolina has to play Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Seattle, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Atlanta. The top three RB’s on the depth chart are all injured. Ladies and Gents Super Cam! (will be sorely needed)



Before we get to this weeks news and notes I’d like to bring to light a new segment that we will be running either  from time to time or never again  called “Randy Moss is Cooler Than You”

Here are photos of Moss at the 1998 Heisman Trophy cermony, in all his “Moss-y” glory

Shades indoors? No worries for a cool cat like Randy Moss
Shades indoors? No worries for a cool cat like Randy Moss


How cool is Randy Moss? He makes Peyton Manning giving dap look cool just by his mere presence
How cool is Randy Moss? He makes Peyton Manning giving dap look cool just by his mere presence

andddddddd We’re back


News and Notes:

Since its become Media policy to report on athletes actions when they screw up I like to hit on event when they come off as contrite and remorseful. Rams tight end Jared Cook dropped a fairly easy touchdown catch in the end zone against the Cowboys, and went back to the Rams’ sideline. Quarterback Austin Davis stuck his hand out as if to say, Hey, we’ll get ’em next time. No worries. Cook angrily slapped his hand away. Strange, because it was Cook’s fault, and he was acting all angry when the quarterback went to tell him it’d be fine. And so Sunday evening, Cook tweeted: “My actions from today’s game were truly a mistake—unintentional and in the heat of the moment. There is never an excuse for unsportsmanlike conduct and I apologize to everyone.”

Ironically around the same time the NFL is promoting its revised HGH testing policy the league has seen a sudden uptick in injuries. The first two weeks alone resulted in 90 players being taken off the field none of which returned to action.

Oct 21st 2007: I’ll  never forget the day in 2007 that my kicker won me a fantasy football game. I’m usually very dismissive of kickers in fantasy but on this day the difference was the “random white dude” ‘who I had only learned of moments before clicking the “add” button on Yahoo’s FA interface. That kicker was Rob Bironas, who tragically passed away in a car crash less than a mile from his home on Sunday morning, terribly tragic news about a good guy.



On a happier note, the best thing about the Seattle victory against Denver didn’t even occur during the game. Seattle DB DeShawn Shead proposed to his girlfriend after the game in a ceremony full of pomp and circumstance



BOLD Predictions:

The 49ers will fight valiantly, but their season’s bright hopes will begin to dim as they take a L from the Philly Eagles and start the season off 1-3

Steelers run for 300 yards this week against the Tampa Bay Bucs, issuing a swift kicking while they are down.

Atlanta will yet again be this week’s high scoring team, hanging 37 on the hapless Vikings

The Chargers vs Jaguars game will come down to a field goal.

In anticipation of the up-coming homing for Atlanta’s favorite son’s Outkast we are leaving off this week with an awesome interview with the group from 1998 in which they mention where they expect to see themselves in 10 years. See you next week everyone!



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