BoSo’s Week 4 NFL Fresh Picks

Your boy is back and in Week 3 I only had a few hiccups. I am starting to see what teams can do given the match-ups they face so I expect you guys to be eerily shocked by my football acumen. Last week I got back on track going 10-6 in Week 3 bringing my season total to 25-23 on the year so far. I fully expect the W’s to create DeSean Jackson-like separation from the L’s. Speaking of which, I must boast about my bold predictions for Week 3 as well, they were practically spot on.! Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we. Here was my bold prediction ” Kniles Davis will rush for 150 yards and Kirk Cousins will throw for 350 yards with 3 TDs (pass)… DeSean Jackson will account for 150 of that yardage.” Well fast forward to Week 4 and Kirk Cousins went 30/48 for 427 yards 3 TD passes and 1 measly interception. DeSean Jackson almost did the good bit and caught 5 balls for 117 yards and a touchdown. Knile Davis was close to my mark as well rushing for 132 yards on 32 carries. So I am proud to start this week’s picks on that high note. Oh by the way here are the records of my Freshtake colleagues, nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. May I suggest a chicken dinner for the winner. I really fancy Maggiano’s by the way fellaz.  Rahmad Hawkins only did four games for Week 1 so his record is skewed a bit (8 games unaccounted for in Week 1). Hawkins went 12-4 in Week 3 so his unofficial record is 22-13 (9 games unaccounted for total). A bit of integrity is needed Sir Hawkins to get your record str8. Matt Fresh if I’m not mistaken you are at 23-26. So without further ado I present my picks for a highly anticipated Week 4!!!

Week 4

Giants 21 Redskins 30

Packers 31 Bears 17

Bills 15 Texans 19

Titans 17 Colts 34

Panthers 16 Ravens 10

Lions 28 Jets 18

Buccaneers 17 Steelers 28

Dolphins 27 Raiders 19

Jaguars 25 Chargers 27

Eagles 14 49ers 20

Falcons 35 Vikings 24

Saints 27 Cowboys 30

Patriots 27 Chiefs 24

Teams on Byes: Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Rams, Cardinals, & Seahawks

Bold Predictions Of The Week: Blake Bortles will throw for 325 yards and 3 TDS (run or pass) in a nail biter of a game. Reggie Bush will rush for 150 yards and two touchdowns. Lastly Jordan Matthews will rack up 100 yards receiving.

6 thoughts on “BoSo’s Week 4 NFL Fresh Picks”

  1. Rahmad Picks dont count…he only pick “locks”…id be undeafeated if i only picked locks…

    Big Boys go all the way…

    Cousins is a big boy…. at home…should beat ELI on thursday

    I need some more time to think about my picks tho..

    1. The last two weeks he picked the winners except Week 2 he forgot the Thurs. night game. For you he may not count but I am competing with sports nation. Anyone with the fortitude to make a definite pick Is my comp. Along the way Sir Matthew you are square in my crosshairs

  2. Bills over Texans
    Ravens over carolina
    Packers over Bears
    Lions over Jets
    Raiders over Fish
    Colts over Tenn
    Steelers over Buccs
    Falcons over Vikes
    Chargers over Jags
    Eagles stay undefeated
    Saints over Boys

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