Weekly Pick ’ems

Welcome to Week 4 of the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly, Rahmad Hawkins. Here we jump into another week of the NFL. The season is quickly progressing and some teams are starting to mesh pretty well and others are still trying to work out the kinks but through it all it is turning out to be some pretty good football. Some teams that I did not expect to start out slow were the 1-2 Saints, Niners, Packers and Colts but the rest of the league is just as I predicted. Moving forward, the premier games in my opinion for the week are Panthers vs. Ravens, Eagles vs. Niners and Saints vs. Cowboys.

The Carolina Panthers vs. the Baltimore Ravens, when i saw this game on the schedule all I thought about was hard hitting, low scoring, interceptions and injuries. Let me explain, with the DNA make up of both teams I would be very disappointed if this were not a helmet cracking game. Throughout the years, that has been the make up of both defenses which made the run game for the opponent team very difficult causing fumbles and loss of yards on occasion which then means multiple blitz and in some cases the opposing teams quarterback gets frustrated and try’s to make a big play only to make a big mistake. In the end, the quarterback ends up getting hurt (like referencing a colleague in a fresh take article with inaccurate assumptions about integrity but again that’s what Boso’s do … #friendlycompetition, #subliminalshotsfired, #responsetoboso). So with that said, i believe it will be a great game and Cam Newton will play good but he will try to do to much. Ravens Win.
The Eagles vs. the Niners, this is going to be a great game; the Eagles have been the shocker team in my opinion, I did not expect much at all from the Eagles even though it is only Week 4. The Niners are a great team that has to continue to work out the kinks and I believe they will but it won’t be easy. With a team like that, I can imagine that it is frustrating having so much talent and not taking advantage of it on the field. This game is a very difficult one to predict because on one hand I don’t know if the Eagles are the real deal yet and on the other i want the Niners to wake up but I just don’t know if it will be this week. I’m going to go Niners only because they are home.
The Saints vs. Cowboys, here come those Saints. Once again back to AT&T Stadium for another big game and everyone knows what happens at the big games in Dallas … Romo. I am expecting the Saints defense to set the tone for this game early. Mr. Drew will go nuts this week and Brees pass the Cowboys, anything else would be a huge shocker and that would only mean one of two things; the Saints are not being the Saints or the Cowboys are for real finally. Saints
As always this is the no flex zone aka the FreshTakeZone with Rahmad Hawkins, it has been and always will be a pleasure. Until next week.

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