The Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Hello, it is October 31st and welcome to the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins. Today is Halloween so we are going to start out with some scary topics … such as scared coaches who are afraid for their jobs, scary teams that seem to be dominant and scary players. Continue reading The Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

First Ever! College Football Rankings Revealed

As avid college football fans know the NCAA has taken the billion dollar product in a whole new direction by implementing a final four playoff format to determine the national champion. How these four teams are determined is by a committee of 13 people who have some type of football acumen. That is very debatable with Condoleezza Rice being one of the selection committee’s member. Here are their first rankings released yesterday. So if the NCAA football season began today this is how the rankings would look. As you all see it looks to be an all SEC affair with the exception of the Seminoles of Florida State.

Oct 28, 2014 College Football  Rankings:

1 Mississippi State 7-0
2 Florida State 7-0
3 Auburn 6-1
4 Ole Miss 7-1
5 Oregon 7-1
6 Alabama 7-1
7 TCU 6-1
8 Michigan State 7-1
9 Kansas State 6-1
10 Notre Dame 6-1
11 Georgia 6-1
12 Arizona 6-1
13 Baylor 6-1
14 Arizona State 6-1
15 Nebraska 7-1
16 Ohio State 6-1
17 Utah 6-1
18 Oklahoma 5-2
19 LSU 7-2
20 West Virginia 6-2
21 Clemson 6-2
22 UCLA 6-2
23 East Carolina 6-1
24 Duke 6-1
25 Louisville 6-2


Committee Members:


Jeff Long- Arkansas AD

Barry Alvarez- Wisconsin AD

Michael C. Gould- Former Air Force Academy superintendent

Pat Haden- USC Trojan AD

Tom Jernstedt- Former NCAA executive VP

Oliver Luck- West Virginia AD

Archie Manning- carrier of the greatest football genes in the world

Tom Osborne- Former Nebraska coach and AD

Dan Radakovich- Clemson AD

Condoleezza Rice- former US Secretary of State

Mike Tranghese- Former Big East commissioner

Steve Wieberg- Former USA Today reporter

Tyrone Willingham- former Stanford/Notre Dame coach


Freshtake Artist to Watch! Logic

I was just recently surfing the web for new artist just to see what the underground scene had to offer and I came across a diamond in the rough. His name is Logic or more fittingly Sir Robert Bryson Hall II. He certainly raps like one of Hip-Hops royals and I just had to put our loyal freshtakers on to the brilliance Logic possesses. His new album Under Pressure just dropped October 21 and trust me the kid is destined for greatness! So I can assure you that you will not be dissapointed in the least bit -BoSo

Logic’s twin… lol their parents may have some explaining to do.

Zach Lavine

BoSo’s Week 9 NFL Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers! It is now Week 9 which marks about the halfway mark of the season. It is crazy to ponder that the season is almost halfway done which means each game will be more monumental for all teams trying to make the playoffs, and for the sorry teams to sort through what personnel to retain. To me Jay Cutler is making out like a bandit with his expected 22 million salary he is accruing this season which is more than Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. Let’s be serious Jay Cutler may think he is “elite” but ole boy can’t even sit at the table. He has to go sit with the kids Carson (Palmer), Andy (Dalton), and Alex (Smith). The season will dictate how Cutler’s contract will be received in Chi-town. Last week I went a modest 8-7 on my picks and it was a good 8 and 7 if you ask me. A lot of games went down to one or two plays so ya boy is back on his grizzy. My season total is now at 65-57. I kinda scare myself sometimes because last week my bold predictions were pretty spot on in a sense. Colt McCoy didn’t quite throw for 350 yards and two touchdowns but the lad had a stellar game. McCoy only had 5 incompletions (25-30) and threw for 299 yards, no interceptions and ran for the go ahead touchdown for Washington. Mark Ingram made me look like John Madden because he ran for 172 yards on 24 attempts and a touchdown! Joe Flacco and McKinnon didn’t quite make me look as debonair but they suited up! Now for the picks for another action packed week of the NFL!

Week 9

Saints 23 Panthers 20

Buccaneers 21 Browns 18

Cardinals 25 Cowboys 17

Eagles 28 Texans 23

Jets 12 Chiefs 26

Jaguars 20 Bengals 44

Chargers 23 Dolphins 27

Redskins 32 Vikings 16

Rams 21 49ers 23

Broncos 38 Patriots 34

Raiders 10 Seahawks 31

Ravens 14 Steelers 20

Colts 28 Giants 18

Teams On Bye: Falcons, Bills, Bears, Lions, Packers, Titans

Bold Prediction Of The Week: Andy Dalton welcomes AJ Green back by throwing 400 yards, 200 of which goes to Adriel Jeremiah Green. RG3 will throw for 300 yards and rush for 100 in his return to action. Beast Mode (Marshawn Lynch) is back amid contract talks and rushes for 200.


BoSo’s Freshtake 2014-2015 NBA Preview

After a long 4 months of waiting for basketball the NBA is set to tip off tonight. After one of the most impactful and active off seasons in recent memory, many teams look to be contenders. Lebron James returned home to Cleveland to create a Justice League of a squad! If you ask me the trio of Irving, Love, and James meshes together better than Wade, Bosh, and James. So South Beach will have a long road ahead and many feel that road will lead through Chicago or a new nemesis, King James. Chandler Parsons joins the Mavericks creating a low key “BIG 3” starring Nowitski, Monta Ellis, & Parsons. This “Big 3” craze seems to be the recipe for NBA franchises in this new era. Phil Jackson is back in the league and looking to turn the Bad News Knickerbockers into a legitimate force in the east. The Spurs don’t look good on paper but the champs play a great brand of basketball that revolves around ball movement and creating mismatches all over the court. In my lofty opinion this is one of the most highly anticipated seasons to date. The return of marquee players like Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Brook Lopez, and Rajon Rondo will boost the teams they play for beyond the expert’s wishy washy projections usually based on last year’s finish. I don’t know about you guys but I expect this season to be full of drama and amazing developments. New stars will emerge and old stars will continue to dazzle and WOW! The incomparable squad of Chuck, EJ, Shaq, and Kenny The Jet will be back to provide us with some colorful commentary and game analysis. Now for my projections for the new season that will surely be a dandy! -BoSo

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BoSo’s Week 8 NFL Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers!!! As week 8 gets set to be kicked off tonight we are due a great duel between two AFC juggernauts! As The Chargers head to Mile High amid a Broncos team flying beyond cloud nine. Peyton Manning now sits atop the mountain of quarterbacks throwing a record setting 510 TD passes to date. Congrats to Peyton for yet another merit on his highly decorated resume. Last week I went 8-7 on my picks bringing my season total to 57-50. Not to shabby but their is still room for improvement. Now with no further adou my fresh picks for week numero ocho!

Week 8

Chargers 27 Broncos 37

Lions 27 Falcons 30

Rams 14 Chiefs 20

Texans 28 Titans 13

Vikings 21 Buccaneers 19

Seahawks 21 Panthers 16

Ravens 28 Bengals 34

Dolphins 30 Jaguars 20

Bears 26 Patriots 23

Bills 17 Jets 24

Eagles 27 Cardinals 20

Raiders 14 Browns 24

Colts 20 Steelers 17

Packers 35 Saints 32

Redskins 24 Cowboys 42

Teams on Bye: Giants and Niners

Bold Predictions For The Week: Colt McCoy will throw for 350 yards and 2 TDs in his homecoming to Texas. Mark Ingram will rush for 100 yards and a TD. Jerick McKinnon will rush for 150 yards and a touchdown. Joe Flacco will throw 4 TD passes.

The Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Welcome to the Fresh Take Zone

Today, Thursday October 23rd, it seems like the season just began and yet the weeks in the NFL are flying by. As we embark on another Halloween coming up next week I thought that I would touch on some weird but scary topics in the NFL.

First, there is turmoil in the Seahawks locker room because, supposedly, the Super Bowl winning quarterback is Not Black Enough ??? When I heard this I was in disbelief. … How could a team that shows their superior quality on the field be in such disarray. Reportedly, Percy Harvin was the main culprit but he was recently sent to another team which shows me that anyone that affects the quarterbacks’ performance is expendable. I really hope that they can turn it around and get back to playing Seattle football. If I were a Seahawks fan, I would be a little nervous because this big mess is showing the world how unfocused the team is.

Scary topic number two is the Dallas Cowboys. …. I never thought I would see the day when the Cowboys are one of the top teams in the NFL with Tony Romo as the quarterback. As of now, yes, they are believing that this is their year, with so much failure in the past for the Cowboys maybe it is faith,  maybe it is overdue or maybe just maybe…the Cowboys will get in the playoffs, win their first game and then Tony turns into classic Romo.

Game of the Week:

Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers

This is my game of the week for a few reasons,  Seattle is in distress internally and they need to get focused so they can stay on track moving forward. If the Seahawks drop another game there record goes down, they are going to start to lose confidence and the blame will spread like wildfire. Now,  for the Panthers it will do the exact opposite for Mr. Newton and his pack. A win for the Panthers could actually propel them to go on a win streak. If you were to ask me who needs this game more I would have to say Seattle because if they don’t win things could spiral out of control in the locker room quick.

Lastly, Peace and Love , signing off from the Fresh Take Zone where none of my writing is pre-written or planned out, I speak from my mind, heart and I speak for you; giving only organic content.