BoSo’s Week 5 NFL Fresh Picks

Welcome back Freshtakers! With a month of football in the books I feel we should definitely take a sigh of relief because football is here to stay to comfort us all as the weather becomes more deplorable. I am definitely savoring every sweet catch, nasty juke, and bone-crushing tackle. Week 4 gave us a lot more insight as to which teams are the real deal and those whom are just cheap imitation. The Patriots are on the chopping block for me because I can honestly say I’ve never seen a Tom Brady lead offense just shrivel in the limelight. The stage was set and the Pats were in stage rehearsal mode. Brady himself has been less than stellar. EJ Manuel who was benched in favor of NFL journeyman Kyle Orton has a better QB rating than Brady with 80.3 which is 1.2 points better than Uncle Tom’s (79.1). In Week 4 I went a decent 8-5 to bring my yearly total to 33-28. Week 5 has so many very balanced match-ups so it was a bit of a chore to come up with my predictions. Now for the rabbit, Here are the picks for Week 5!

Week 5

Vikings 16 Packers 27

Bears 23 Panthers 13

Browns 23 Titans 20

Rams 6 Eagles 38

Falcons 42 Giants 40

Buccaneers 22 Saints 19

Texans 21 Cowboys 17

Bills 30 Lions 24

Ravens 19 Colts 28

Steelers 20 Jaguars 24

Cardinals 24 Broncos 21

Chiefs 7 49ers 17

Jets 15 Chargers 32

Bengals 17 Patriots 20

Seahawks 26 Redskins 12

Teams On Bye: Dolphins & Raiders (Londy Boys)

Bold Prediction Of The Week: Kyle Orton helps beat Detroit with a 350 yard passing game. Bridgewater out duels Rodgers AT LAMBEAU. Doug Martin gets his HAMster on in a 200 yard effort. Michael Vick takes over as the Jets QB.

*** In light of recent developments I must alter my prediction of the Vikes vs. Packs game. Without Bridgewater the game is just a mere formality. PACKERS WIN!***

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