Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

   Hello again and welcome back to The Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins. Here we go again , Life in the NFL is amazing;  someone once said that the SEC was better than the NFL and I laughed for many reasons but after watching the Niners and Chiefs game it was then when I thought of that person. Let me explain. . If the Niners  qb were representing the NFL and Chiefs qb were the SEC then the metaphor would be how this persons who made the statement was so overzealous about their opinion they failed to realize how each week in the NFL there is good football and memberable games as there was on Sunday when Alex Smith was so eager to be the hero and save the day but threw an interception.

This week’s game of the week is the New York football Giants vs the Phillidelphia Fly high Eagles. This is a heavyweight bout between two solid teams with respectable opponents on both sides of the ball. I am expecting a high intensity game but…..As the way that this season has been going I honestly don’t know who to pick so I am going with the home team, eagles pull through in a close but strong win.

I want to take out the time to say thank you to the Fresh Take Sports family for continuing to allow me to express myself each week. Until next week…. keep it fresh.



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