BoSo’s Week 9 NFL Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers! It is now Week 9 which marks about the halfway mark of the season. It is crazy to ponder that the season is almost halfway done which means each game will be more monumental for all teams trying to make the playoffs, and for the sorry teams to sort through what personnel to retain. To me Jay Cutler is making out like a bandit with his expected 22 million salary he is accruing this season which is more than Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. Let’s be serious Jay Cutler may think he is “elite” but ole boy can’t even sit at the table. He has to go sit with the kids Carson (Palmer), Andy (Dalton), and Alex (Smith). The season will dictate how Cutler’s contract will be received in Chi-town. Last week I went a modest 8-7 on my picks and it was a good 8 and 7 if you ask me. A lot of games went down to one or two plays so ya boy is back on his grizzy. My season total is now at 65-57. I kinda scare myself sometimes because last week my bold predictions were pretty spot on in a sense. Colt McCoy didn’t quite throw for 350 yards and two touchdowns but the lad had a stellar game. McCoy only had 5 incompletions (25-30) and threw for 299 yards, no interceptions and ran for the go ahead touchdown for Washington. Mark Ingram made me look like John Madden because he ran for 172 yards on 24 attempts and a touchdown! Joe Flacco and McKinnon didn’t quite make me look as debonair but they suited up! Now for the picks for another action packed week of the NFL!

Week 9

Saints 23 Panthers 20

Buccaneers 21 Browns 18

Cardinals 25 Cowboys 17

Eagles 28 Texans 23

Jets 12 Chiefs 26

Jaguars 20 Bengals 44

Chargers 23 Dolphins 27

Redskins 32 Vikings 16

Rams 21 49ers 23

Broncos 38 Patriots 34

Raiders 10 Seahawks 31

Ravens 14 Steelers 20

Colts 28 Giants 18

Teams On Bye: Falcons, Bills, Bears, Lions, Packers, Titans

Bold Prediction Of The Week: Andy Dalton welcomes AJ Green back by throwing 400 yards, 200 of which goes to Adriel Jeremiah Green. RG3 will throw for 300 yards and rush for 100 in his return to action. Beast Mode (Marshawn Lynch) is back amid contract talks and rushes for 200.


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