The Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Hello, it is October 31st and welcome to the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins. Today is Halloween so we are going to start out with some scary topics … such as scared coaches who are afraid for their jobs, scary teams that seem to be dominant and scary players.

First on my radar for scared coaches is the home team’s coach, Mike Smith. (Yes, his coaching is very spooky.)  Now, first off I don’t normally write off a coach, I am usually hopeful BUT in this case he has failed over and over again. Even though the Falcons do have some holes in the roster I expect a lot more than he has produced. This is unacceptable for this team, this city and these fans. Maybe it can slide in another city but that is the difference from championship towns and ones that accept losing over and over again.

My scary team is the Denver Broncos,  I believe that they have a lot to prove individually and collectively due to the horrific Super Bowl performance. I believe Peyton is due for another ring and the time is now.

My scary player is JJ Watt,  if he does not get injured he will win Defensive Player of the Year.

Game of the week

Denver vs. New England, this will be another classic. Peyton and Brady have met on many occasions and they never disappoint. I want to see a game winning drive but I think Denver may run over the Patriots pretty easy.

Denver wins.

As I make my exit, I would like to say I enjoy speaking my mind each week thanks to the Fresh Take Family. Please remember to be safe tomorrow. As we embark on the holidays with all the craziness going on in the world, let’s always remember to be thankful for one another and our freedoms.

It’s been real, signing off, keep it fresh.



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