BoSo’s Week 10 NFL Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers!!! At the midpoint of this NFL season a lot has transpired. Now is where games mean the difference between obtaining team goals and wishing you had spent that extra hour at film study. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!! Ben Roethlisberger has proven to be a real treat and the trick is on the haters. Big Ben has always been undervalued since he was drafted yet he has two super bowls and is one of those clutch players on the low it seems. If the Packers stay loyal to Brett Favre then Big Ben would have 3 super bowls in my opinion. Matthew Stafford seems to get more recognition for his quarterbacking but Big Ben’s accolades should say it all. It took one new toy to set the Steelers offense on fire!!!  The new kid on the block is Martavis Bryant by way of Clemson University. Coach Dabo Swinney certainly did a fine job recruiting receivers. Can you imagine Sammy Watkins, DeAndre Hopkins, & Martavis Bryant were all on the same team! Crazy crazy thought. Bryant has scored 5 TDs in 3 games. In the past 2 games Big Ben has thrown 12 TD passes. To put that into perspective QBs who have started all season which is about 8-9 games at this juncture have not thrown for 12 TDs yet. Matthew Stafford (11), Cam Newton (8), Alex Smith (11), Russell Wilson (11), and Colin Kaepernick (12). Ironically many feel that all but Alex Smith is better than Big Ben. Roethlisberger is on pace for a career best. At this point Ben has 2,720 yards 22 TDs and only 3 picks through 9 games. Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger definitely spear headed a great draft year for the QB but clearly Roethlisberger is the head of the class. Steeler Nation you can never say I didn’t show you guys some love. I am looking forward to Thursday night’s matchup of AJ Green and Joe Haden in the battle for the Buckeye Nation. As of late it seems as though Joe Haden has Green trapped on his island. Stay tune to see if Adriel Jeremiah can escape Haden island. Last week I went 9-4 to bring my season total to 74-61. Now for the fresh picks straight off the press.

Week 10

Browns 15 Bengals 30

Chiefs 24 Bills 13

Dolphins 34 Lions 32

Cowboys 33 Jaguars 17

49ers 17 Saints 24

Titans 13 Ravens 23

Steelers 38 Jets 35

Falcons 28 Buccaneers 20

Broncos 58 Raiders 21

Rams 24 Cardinals 19

Giants 27 Seahawks 19

Bears 20 Packers 34

Panthers 21 Eagles 18

Teams On Bye: Chargers, Colts, Patriots, Redskins, Texans, and Vikings.

Bold Predictions Of The Week: Jeremy Hill will feast against the Browns front 7 for 210 yards and a TD. Martavis Bryant has 150 yards receiving and 2 TDs. Montee Ball rushes 100 yards and a touchdown. Ryan Tannehill throws for 300 yards and 3 scores.




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