BoSo’s Week 11 NFL Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers! As we are entering the heart of the season every game has playoff implication! The playoff caliber teams will really see if that can rise up as perspective champs do. I fully expect a Cinderella and it is looking like the return of Lebron maybe the recipe to end the drought in Cleveland. The Brown’s aren’t the most attractive team on paper but they play hard on defense and execute on offense while minimizing turnovers and controlling the clock. I’m not sippin’ the Dallas Cowboy Kool-Aid and Mr. Romo your old pal “Mr. Winter” has arrived right on time to witness the debacle. Last week was a bad outing for your boy finishing the week 6-7 which brings me to 80-68 on the season. Grrrrrr but fresh from the medulla are the ripe picks for a pivotal Week 11.

Week 11

Bills 16 Dolphins 27

Vikings 13 Bears 30

Texans 31 Browns 20

Falcons 28 Panthers 21

Bengals 24 Saints 22

Buccaneers 17 Redskins 30

Broncos 50 Rams 19

49ers 17 Giants 31

Seahawks 13 Chiefs 14

Raiders 15 Chargers 38

Lions 31 Cardinals 10

Eagles 20 Packers 34

Patriots 34 Colts 29

Steelers 37 Titans 16

Bold Predictions of the Week: Ryan Mallett will cement himself as the starter and throw for 350 yards and 2 TDS zero picks. Le’Veon Bell gets back on track with 100 yards rushing & 100 yards receiving and 1 TD. Ryan Mathews returns to the fray and rushes for 200 yards and a TD. Eli Manning torches the Niners defense for 400 yards.

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