Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Back at like we never left, I am coming to you live from the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins and it is November 13th which just happens to be my born day. What a coincidence that it is my birthday and my original home team is playing tonight, the Buffalo Bills, even though I am not a big fan I am still rooting for the home team.

Life in the NFL is amazing, I’m assuming, but at times I’m sure that it can be overwhelming, especially for rookies and those new to the system. In fact I’m sure that the GM for the many teams look into this prior to Draft Day, so what I am getting at is if you could draft any college player to your team immediately effective today who would it be and why.

To answer my own question, I would choose Mr. Winston from Florida State. Now I understand that he has some issues, he has shown some poor judgment and immaturity BUT he knows how to win and he has proven that over and over again. Now the question of what team I would send him to is tough but I feel like ruffling some feathers so … I’d bring him to the Falcons and here is why. Beyond being great on the field he has a way of bringing out the greatness in all of his teammates, I would put him in and leave him in as the starting QB until they lose a game. His abilities along with the motivation of not wanting to sit the bench would turn up the fire in the players and coaching staff. Matt Ryan is great and one of the best but as far as getting the team pumped up he is just not believable.

Games Of The Week:
NE vs IND – the shoot out
ATL vs CAR – the head banger

It is always a pleasure to have a voice here on fresh take sports,  until next time stay blessed and keep it fresh, signing off from the Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins.


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