Plausible Deniabilty: Gurley v. Winston v. America

Once upon a time my mother taught me a valuable lesson. It was a lesson that I tucked deep into the recesses of my mind, rarely do situations come up where I need to apply this lesson (lies) but when they do its readily in my sub-conscience, that lesson is to never snitch on yourself.

This lesson has never been more evident than in the two cases of college football slaves superstars UGA’s Todd Gurley and FSU’s Jameis Winston.

One the one hand you have a Coach in Jimbo Fisher who has continued to support Winston through all of his malcontent. even if a little tough love need to be administered

And at the other end of the spectrum is Coach Mark Richt, who is becoming famous for his proverbial leash being ridiculously short.

I’m not going to harbor too much on my views of the philosophies of Saint Richt; just to say that while UGA is successful it should could be more-so, my point here is more to the players and I suppose the program in general. Policing yourself should be just that, policing yourself, an ability to handle matters in-house should be preferred as opposed to handing things over to the wildly inconsistent NCAA.

Jameis Winston signing autographs for fans after a Fla St Win
Jameis Winston signing autographs for fans after a Fla St win

As we prepare for the triumphant return of Sanford’s proudest son, I can’t help but wonder what could have been. Would Gurley’s presence have been enough to save UGA from embarrassment in the cocktail party? Who knows but I do know that when Todd Gurley is on the field, the coach and players for the opposing team plan, think and prepare for that week just  a little differently. You never know he might have given the dogs a speech at halftime – followed by trucking a few Gator defenders – that led the team to rally and win that game.

#FreeGurley went viral after the news of the suspension came out
#FreeGurley went viral after the news of the suspension came out

Other than the sexual assault allegation, which I have no comment on, I don’t believe for a second that Jameis Winston isn’t guilty of the transgressions that have been levied against him. From the stealing of the crab legs, to the shouting obscenities at lunch, to even the autographing and you know what? I don’t care, and I don’t think most of America cares very much either. If its not a crime, why are we prosecuting young men as if they are criminals?

As for Gurley a such thing as plausible denial doesn’t always hurt. Unless there was video of Gurley signing autographs, taking money for said autograph, and his grandmother in the back ground of the same video yelling “Thats my baby Todd, you keep signing those jersey’s for money baby.” Then Gurley’s response should have been a loud and resounding “Wasn’t me!”, and he should have kept it moving, to the tone of 156 yards per game.

– Glass

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