BoSo’s Week 12 NFL Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers!!! We are now in week 12 and I will be the first to welcome back Josh “Flash” Gordon back to NFL action! We missed you buddy. While Gordon was sidelined without pay he was selling cars at a local Cleveland dealership. Gordon will return for the Brown’s game against the Falcons. What a favorable matchup to return to versus the “staunch” Falcons secondary HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Start Josh Gordon fantasy GMs he is going for 300 against ATL. The games at this juncture are extremely important & now the weather will play a huge role on the teams execution as well as mental fortitude. Who would have thought the Arizona Cardinals would be 9-1 in the NFC West with Seattle & San Fran. Coach Bruce Arians certainly deserves a round of applause. Last week I went an amazing 10-4 bringing my season total to 90-72. Now for the picks for Week 12 in the NFL.

Week 12

Chiefs 30 Raiders 6

Browns 34 Falcons 48

Titans 17 Eagles 40

Lions 21 Patriots 38

Packers 45 Vikings 16

Jaguars 13 Colts 35

Bengals 24 Texans 17

Jets 27 Bills 20

Buccaneers 17 Bears 28

Cardinals 10 Seahawks 16

Chargers 23 Rams 19

Dolphins 21 Broncos 30

Redskins 14 49ers 28

Cowboys 15 Giants 20

Ravens 24 Saints 20

Teams On Bye: Steelers, Panthers

BOLD PREDICTIONS OF THE WEEK: Josh Gordon will 300 yards receiving & 2 TDs. Daniel Herron will rush for 100 yards and a TD. Michael Vick will throw for 300 yards with zero picks.

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