What I learned in Sports This Week

A weekly rant from our editor.


Trying something new here at FreshTakeSportsDOTcom, where I’ve been told to channel my inner Keith Olbermann and make fun of or just plain yell at the world of sports for a little bit. This week my target is the NFL. So without any further ado…


What I Learned in the NFL This Week


  1. Roger Goodell doesn’t love the kids after all.


Adrian Peterson has spent the last 9 weeks sitting out of NFL games, he’s gone to trial, he’s had his image damaged and now when the process should be over and Peterson should be on his road to redemption, our Commissioner has decided to stop progress dead in its tracks. Commissioner Goodell, in a letter, has told Peterson that not only will be made to sit out the remainder of the season (at the very least) but he will now also not be paid. He made a list of things that AP would need to do before his suspension would be lifted which included having “no further violations of law or league policy”, “commit yourself to your counseling and rehabilitative effort” (shut up and do what we say without any questions), and “properly care for your children” (stop being such a terrible father). Now I’m not saying Adrian Peterson is anywhere near broke, however, I am saying after losing endorsements and any credibility as a role model, should we really start taking money away from his children, you know, since Goodell cares about them so much.


  1. The NFC South is god-awful.


Last Sunday I watched a game that made my soul sad. The Atlanta Falcons barely beat the Carolina Panthers at home to win first place in the NFC South with a 4-6 record. Remember a few years ago when the Seahawks squeaked in the playoffs with a 7-9 record on technicality because the NFC West had to be included. This isn’t even like that situation. At least the Seahawks were “in the hunt” at the time and weren’t laughable. We are dangerously close to seeing a 6-10 team get a home game in the playoffs this year. That would mean whoever holds the 5th seed in the NFC after Week 17 will get a light scrimmage in the wildcard. For the first time ever in the NFL playoffs we could see a team actually rest their starters until the real playoffs start. At this point winning the NFC South is equivalent to having the highest failing grade on a big test.


“But Mom it’s an F PLUS!!!!”


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