Russell Westbrook seems to have this invincibility about him.  He has got a second gear no one can attain but lately his body has been letting him down.  Westbrook has fought through a lengthy stint of injuries that keeps the most entertaining player to watch on the sidelines for the better part of the last two seasons.  OKC was so horrible without their two superstars that Coach Brooks had to free the beast or get left in the dust of the Wild Wild West.  And what better team is there to come back to the game than the stinky New York Knicks.

It is no secret that the Knicks are making something as simple as figuring out the triangle look like Trigonometry homework.  Yet to only play 24 minutes in a game and nearly drop a triple double with this kind of stat line is unheard of. I believe no one in NBA history has put up those kind of numbers in that little time.

This uber-efficiency is what will be needed from the superstar point guard as Kevin Durant continues to recover from his injury woes.  Remember when KD had to shoulder the load last season while Westbrook sat on the bench in his colorful attire?  Well now you will get to see the opposite and finally Westbrook will get his shine from sidekick to his own man.  So say goodbye to the Batman and Robin comparisons and say hello to the emergence of Nightwing


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