Talkin’ Football: The NFL Coaching Carousel Part 1

Jets fire Rex Ryan, Bears fire Marc Trestman, and our hometown Falcons lets Mike Smith go. All justified. (Yep, we’re talkin’ football.)

The following is a conversation between Fresh Take Sports founder, Mykhal Glass, and the Editor-in-Chief.

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Boxing Day Bonzanza!!!

The midway point of the Premiership season is highlighted by scintillating Boxing Day fixtures. The Premiership this year has been quite epic as Jose Mourinho has returned to Chelsea without missing a beat. Chelsea have been top of the table all season long but Manchester City are only 3 points back so you can bet your bottom dollar that the stakes will be high when these two English giants meet again. Manchester United have struggled under first year manager Louie Van Gaal, but recently have strung together some impressive performances to move from mid table to 3rd place. Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson the team has played bland & uncreative football. The huge surprise of the season would have to be the form Southampton is in. If any one would have guessed they would be 4th by Boxing Day has to be a saint. Continue reading Boxing Day Bonzanza!!!

BoSo’s NFL Week 17 Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers the season finale is upon us and teams in playoff contention will be treating Week 17 like the playoffs itself. Some teams will rest key players and get ready for Showtime in the coming weeks. Johnny Manziel & Josh Gotdon probably should not have any type of interaction outside of a pitch & catch. Gordon has been suspended yet again for activities that went on at Johnny Football’s party. These knuckleheads shall be fun to watch indeed. Now for the picks of Week 17! Crazy how this year has flown by.

Week 17

Browns 14 Ravens 24

Cowboys 29 Redskins 17

Colts 28 Titans 21

Jaguars 3 Texans 31

Jets 10 Dolphins 34

Bears 20 Vikings 23

Bills 17 Patriots 28

Eagles 28 Giants 31

Saints 27 Buccaneers 13

Panthers 31 Falcons 35

Lions 28 Packers 38

Raiders 20 Broncos 41

Cardinals 18 49ers 15

Rams 14 Seahawks 24

Bengals 20 Steelers 30

Bold Predictions For The Week: Odell Beckham Jr. will have 170 yards receiving & 2 TDs. Jordy Nelson will accumulate 200 yards through the air. Teddy Bridgewater will throw for 300 yards & 3 Tds.

BoSo’s NFL Week 16 Fresh Picks

Welcome back freshtakers to another edition of BoSo’s Fresh Picks for the week ahead. It feels like the season just started yet the finale is upon us. Playoff spots are up for grabs and the playoff picture will definitely become a whole lot clearer after this week concludes. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, & Happy Holidays!!! I just have to say I’ve never met anyone who actually celebrates Kwanzaa yet other than my 1st grade class. 🙂 Now for the picks for Week 16! Continue reading BoSo’s NFL Week 16 Fresh Picks

BoSo’s NFL Week 15 Fresh Picks

After a brief hiatus your boy is back with the freshiest picks of Week 15. I hope you all have enjoyed the holiday season so far. As teams jockey for positions and individuals play for job security, & bigger contracts games will take on a more unpredictable shape. Without any further ado here are my picks for Week 15 in the soap opera that is the NFL!!!

Week 15

Cardinals 23 Rams 35

Steelers 25 Falcons 31

Jaguars 13 Ravens 34

Packers 41 Bills 24

Buccaneers 16 Panthers 21

Bengals 27 Browns 30

Texans 15 Colts 24

Raiders 18 Chiefs 27

Dolphins 24 Patriots 35

Redskins 20 Giants 26

Broncos 23 Chargers 31

Jets 24 Titans 20

Vikings 17 Lions 38

49ers 9 Seahawks 14

Cowboys 17 Eagles 19

Saints 28 Bears 22

Bold Prediction Of The Week: Johnny “Football” Manziel will throw for 250 yards & 3TDs. Ryan Mathews will rush for 150 yards and 2 scores. Ben Roethlisberger will throw for 500 yards and 3 TDs. Jared Cook will have 150 yards receiving & a TD.

Fresh Take Zone

Welcome to another week of the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins.

I want to take a step back from all of the news of the week and think about the NFL as a whole. I’m talking about legendary players, coaches, owner’s and stadiums. We have been blessed with many in all categories but if I asked you to build your all time list as far as favorites, which 5 players, 1 coach, 1 owner and 1 stadium would be on the list. Continue reading Fresh Take Zone