Fresh Take Zone

Welcome back to The Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins.

In the midst of the Holiday season with all of the shopping and traveling it is always a joy to sit back for a minute and talk sports,  so let’s forget all of the stresses of the world and get to it.

Since we are in the Holiday season the question I pose to you today is based on the current NFL Season and all that has occurred, which team has the most to be thankful for? To answer my own question I would have to say the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. I know you’re probably thinking what is he thinking but after the ugly start the Patriots had  to having the record that they do now shows the character of the team and I honestly believe that they are stronger from the struggle. The Falcons are truly thankful because they are division leaders after stinking up the field this year. Please don’t take it negatively, I am just a concerned citizen of Atlanta. Someone needs to care about a championship. They are in great position to sneak in the playoffs with a miracle in a perfect world.

This week I am looking forward to seeing the Seahawks vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. My game of the week.

This holiday season and everyday in life let’s be thankful for everything and everyone we have in our lives. Life is what you make it so let’s make it the best. Until next time, keep it fresh, signing off from the Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins.


















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