What Happens Now??? The Aftermath of The Michael Brown Ruling

One of the most influential events in the history of America has come to a conclusion to date. Many protests and demonstrations will be held as a result of the ruling. It is hard to not see this issue as one involving race especially since the death of fellow black teen Trayvon Martin. For me it is more of a human right’s topic but it is hard to ignore the trend that has been highlighted by the media of black men being killed, their blood splattered all over the pavement with zero repercussions for the culprit. It isn’t like it is a mystery as to who done it, but it is unclear as to the circumstance that would prompt any human being to take the life of another especially when that individual is unarmed. In my humble opinion as a cop you have pepper spray, a taser, and a night stick. A gun should only be used if the “criminal” is armed with a deadly weapon and uncooperative. Even if Michael Brown hypothetically speaking was to become combative I feel as a proud officer you should be able to take an ass whooping or subdue the suspect. That is what the academy is for especially with a young man who is unarmed.

There are always 3 sides to any story his side, his side, and the truth. Now here are the facts of the case bear in mind accounts of what really happened are vague, but you can draw your own conclusion based on what is given. First we must note that the scene of the crime is a majority black community. What is really interesting to me is how the makeup of Ferguson, MO swung from 74% white dominating the population in 1990 to 24 years later african americans dominating the population now at 67.4%. I can’t say that I’ve ever realized a turnaround like that when it comes to race in a city. Here are the “facts” of that day; Michael Brown was walking with friend Dorian Johnson on Canfield Drive in Ferguson. Michael Brown was seen on camera stealing a box of $48 cigarillos with his friend Dorian Johnson. Now as a result of Brown’s theft the police was called. This is the beginning of what would become a deadly confrontation.

Riots in Ferguson, MO after the grand jury verdict doesn’t indict Officer Darren Wilson


The timeline for this sad tragedy in Ferguson, MO gets a bit cloudy from a pure factual standpoint which leaves a lot of conclusions to be drawn by one’s interpretation. What is constant is what I’ll share as to some realistic account of the tragedy. 11:51 AM a convenience store surveillance camera seems to capture Michael Brown and friend Dorian Johnson robbing the store for cigarillos. One can draw the conclusion that Michael Brown much like Trayvon Martin consumes marijuana. I could also say Brown may just sell the “gars” to marijuana users. Either way Michael Brown is WRONG from stealing anything. Next Dorian Johnson and Michael Brown was spotted in the middle of Canfield Drive. The two young men were asked to move to the sidewalk on the street. Officer Wilson drove past the two but very abruptly backed up his patrol unit. Officer Wilson backed up because the two young men matched a robbery radioed in by dispatch. So at this point the officer tries to open his door but it is slammed shut by Mr. Brown. Now there are conflicting accounts of this piece of the puzzle. Dorian Johnson states when the officer backed up he parked his car so close to the two boys that when Officer Wilson tried to open the door he could not. So apparently their was a tussle in the patrol unit each side claiming the other as the aggressor. Next, shots were fired and Dorian definitely fled the scene. At this point Michael Brown was said to be running away while being shot. Officer Wilson followed him and the sixth bullet hit his head killing him instantly. Officer Wilson says that Brown was charging at him angrily and also initially Brown had assaulted the officer with a barrage of punches which prompted the officer to be fearful of the unarmed 6’4 300 pound boy. What is very true is that after the incident in the cop car Officer Wilson shot Brown after he was freely moving outside of the patrol unit as the wounded boy was on the street. So now I feel like after shooting Brown 4 or 5 times that the execution style shooting of the boy shouldn’t have happened even if Brown was rushing at him as the Officer claimed. “I feared for my life” stated Officer Wilson. Brown is said to have his hands over his head pleading with the officer to not shoot. The end result of this madness is the death of Michael Brown.

Nobody really can ever know what really went down except for Officer Wilson, Micheal Brown, Dorian Johnson to a lesser extent, and the man above. This is sickening that this has occurred. Based upon the reactions from Ferguson, MO the racial tensions in the city have reached a breaking point. I don’t know about the relations with the people of Ferguson and the authority figures, but it is evident they have had enough. The blatant disrespect the citizens showed by setting things on fire, looting, and vandalism is no way to change a flawed judicial system that will always protect who it deems fit. Officer Wilson at the very least should have been indicted and let our “due process” run its course. I am very certain that if the roles were reversed and Officer Darren Wilson was a black officer named DeMarcus Jones and Michael Brown was a white 18 year old teenager named Bubba Ray McGowan that “Officer Jones” would definitely be indicted with everything remaining inversely constant. The truth of the matter is Michael’s Brown actions are inexcusable and I would punish him if I was his father and urge him to spend his time wisely. In the same breath Officer Wilson didn’t need to kill Michael Brown. In fact officers should be aiming for limbs as he started doing in the altercation. A taser anything besides shooting anyone regardless of color in the head. Michael Brown’s friend Dorian isn’t exactly the model citizen either so both the boy’s character definitely worked against them which is understandable but if justice really needed to be serve the mediation for officer Wilson’s indictment should have been held in a completely different city in Missouri. Their is too much for the city to lose if the white governed authorities are essentially calling the shots.

As I’ve stated before neither party acted morally or ethically. Both had their faults but the underlying fact is that a young boy who really knows nothing of life and was probably soaked into the cultural fosade young boys are exposed to with television, magazines, music, and movies was deprived the chance to grow as a man and experience both edges of life’s sword. Whether Officer Wilson was justified for his actions seems to be a boisterous NO, but who is to say. One thing that is clear is that their is no way this case should not go to trial. The ambiguity in the case actually makes it quite necessary for a trial to take place. Changes need to be made to our society and it all starts with the person staring back at you in the mirror. What lengths are you willing to go to protect your son, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandpa, and friend from this disgusting occurrence? No matter what color, creed, gender, sexuality or denomination everyone was put here for a purpose and their has to be consistency in which our laws are governed. No matter how poor or rich you may be and despite your status in society. -BoSo



Officer Darren Wilson Speaks out!

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