Talkin’ Football: The NFL Coaching Carousel Part 1

Jets fire Rex Ryan, Bears fire Marc Trestman, and our hometown Falcons lets Mike Smith go. All justified. (Yep, we’re talkin’ football.)

The following is a conversation between Fresh Take Sports founder, Mykhal Glass, and the Editor-in-Chief.

Editor: As a Falcons fan, I want Rex. Have Josh McDaniels come turn our offense into a ’07 Patriots knockoff (accurate QB, freakish Julio Jones playing Randy Moss, banged up workhorse Roddy White as Donte Stallworth, speedy Devin Hester and Harry Douglas as Wes Welker and enough run game to get by) and let Rex give the defense some bite.

As a unbiased football fan have Sanchez meet Rex in Chicago and let’s try this again with some competent receivers.

Glass: Somewhere Rex Ryan is scouring his phone for that Chief Keef meme.

Of all people Rex Ryan knows how imperative it is in this league to have good QB play if you want to be successful. In his entire tenure in “Jetsville” not once was his QB ranked above 17 in total QBR, routinely falling in the bottom 4. For that reason, I do like the fit of Rex in Atlanta. In Matt Ryan he would have his greatest offensive asset (by far!!!!) and a blank slate to which to build his defensive empire. An offense built to score 25+ per game with a Rex Ryan Defense … Gulp.
In Arthur Blank’s press conference he stated that he stated that he wanted a leader of men with a strong personality knowledge of how to build a team and a foot fetish Rex! Welcome home!
What do you think went wrong in Chicago?
Editor: Jay Cutler doesn’t like playing football anymore. I don’t know if he’s made his money, thinking about his wife, or just sick of the media but the game isn’t what it was for him anymore. And that defense is old. Draft a QB, rebuild the defense and let Forte/Marshall/Jeffrey/Bennett do what they do.
Glass: I’m not certain Jay Cutler ever like playing football.. Cutler and his big arm are the football equivalent to a 7-foot-kid being forced to play basketball be cause he is tall and somehow making it to the NBA despite his lack of passion for the game AKA Andrew Bynum.
Cutler is going to keep getting people fired, he is too talented not to take a chance on him, but I think we’ve seen enough of Jay Cutler and his punchable face to know he is nothing more than a legendary backup QB.
It appears that Harbaugh to Michigan is all but done. How much are the 49ers going to regret letting a good coach go because he had a strong personality? Is this Belichick in Cleveland 2.0?
Editor: Maybe but it should be a definite yes. We don’t usually call things a mistake until they don’t work. San Francisco has too much talent to not be able to rebound regardless of the coach. As long as the new guy is young enough to understand the person Kaepernick is, they’ll be fine.
Harbaugh is more likely to struggle since apparently Michigan needs rebuilding? But he’ll be back. In his own words, “Is the NFL going anywhere?” He knows he’ll be back. In the meantime, he’ll let the state of Michigan love on him and stroke his ego until the right job is open.
Why does Coughlin still have a job?

Glass: That is a great question. He has all the makings of an old guy waiting for someone to tell him to retire.

They may feel like their “next guy” is already on staff, if that’s the case no harm in slowly giving him more and more responsibility and letting Coughlin groom him. You know, the old fashioned way.
With that said though, I can see NYG being good next year.. It wasn’t time to fire Coughlin unless he wants to go.
Side note: How fun would it be to watch Coughlin coaching Kaepernick. That’d be taking grumpy gramps to the max!
If you were a HC candidate taking everything into consideration, between CHI, ATL, SF, and NYJ which job is the most appealing?

Editor: San Francisco is clearly the best available team but they have too much drama and way too high levels of expectations. Atlanta could give me the best results in terms of winning a division right now. The Jets will give me the longest leach because they’re the worst team. The Bears are in just as good of a spot as Atlanta but you have Detroit and Green Bay to worry about.

For me, it would come down to whether I want to win now with Atlanta or write my own restart story in New York.

I’d pick the Jets because of how short Dimitroff’s leach will undoubtedly be.

Glass: Very true. We are going to learn a lot about the collective mindsets of these organization based on how they approach these hires.
I don’t put much credence into the initial rumors because there are certain “requirements” that every hiring team has to adhere to, so in the coming weeks I can’t wait to continue to follow as these teams screw up and tread water for another 4 years attempt to make the first step in winning a championship.
Though, I want to be the first on the record to mention
“Hey Rex, the women of Atlanta have some sexy feet!”

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