BoSo’s NFL Playoff Fresh Overview and Predictions

Welcome back freshtakers the playoffs are here and the games mean the world and more at this stage. 8 teams will fight for a chance at the Superbowl and only one can call themselves champion! at season’s end. Who will be punching in that ticket to Disney World?! 2 of the last 3 super bowl champions are a part of the Divisional playoffs and as well as the last participant in Super Bowl 48. All the chips are on the table and every possession, play call, and tackle will be the difference between pure agony and nostalgic joy. Here are my predictions for the divisional playoffs & beyond.


Patriots 31 Ravens 24

Colts 21 Broncos 30


Panthers 3 Seahawks 27

Cowboys 19 Packers 27


Conference Championship


Patriots 34 Broncos 30


Seahawks 17 Packers 20


Super Bowl

Packers 29 Patriots 25



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