Super Stupor Profile: Cleveland Cavaliers

2015 is the year of the super team: a collection of talent and star players that should dominate the competition.  The NBA doesn’t have a high volume of superstars anymore and the few superstars remaining can no longer elevate their team to a chip by themselves so they must band together to get it done.  Man I miss the 90s……  Anyway what is supposed to happen when these super teams come together and have things blow up in their face?  I mean I can’t even tell if the two guys above are on the same team.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have two All Star players in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love and their own superstar in Lebron James and they still can’t get right.  The King made a ton of promises to the deserving fans of Cleveland upon his return but it hasn’t been much of a comeback.  He is averaging a career low in all of the categories that made him a stat sheet stuffer and has been bitten by the injury bug as of late.  What is wrong with the king?  Is it that stupid diet he went on during the summer that took away everything that made him dominant: his size, muscle, strength, and intimidation.  I might think so.  Meat and Taters aren’t looking too bad right now is it Bron -Bron?

But you can’t put it all on the King.  I mean there are two other all-stars here that clearly know how to hoop but not how to win.  You would think that Kyrie and Love by themselves could at least scrap together a few wins off of offense alone.  Sorry for all those o’s and f’s and of’s by the way.  The Kevin Love we saw dropping 50 and 20 is completely lost in a system I believe he should be thriving in.  No to mention that Irving isn’t passing the ball even when he has someone to pass to now.  Hate to poke fun at a former Blue Devil but it is what it is and Coach K wouldn’t approve.  Despite what Uncle Drew says this game isn’t all about buckets.

Something has to change and that is a commitment to defense and a consistent energy level that this team just doesn’t seem to have.  These mistakes point to the coach.  I still believe that Miami won their chips despite of Erik Spoelstra instead of because of him but he had Pat Riley’s blessing and worked his way up from the bottom.  This David Blatt guy does not have this team’s respect or attention and bringing in his best buddy Timofey Mozgov isn’t going to fix that.  Dan Gilbert does not have the cache that Pat “The Architect” Riley has so he better get rid of Blatt before this disgusting organization pushes its native superstar away for good.


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