Freshtake Artists To Watch: Battle Rapper Iron Solomon

I’ve always respected rappers that can flow off the top of the dome without anything written or a teleprompter. It’s cool if you can perform a hot track but a lot of credit must be given to an individual that can masterfully improv poetry in a way that is so witty, clever, and hip. When you take a gander at Iron Solomon, freestyle rapper is not the first thing that would spring to mind. I’m thinking more along the line of pastry chef or plumber. Iron Solomon is white and jewish, but I must say next to Marshall Mathers aka Eminem Iron Solomon is Kevin Durant. I can’t put into words his lyrical prowess but I’ll shall just put young guys on. As some who follow freestyle rappers know Murda Mook and Iron Solomon have been fighting for the crown for years but never faced off until 2 years ago much to my surprise. A Mayweather versus Pacquiao type of clash with two MCs that can flow like a river. I present to you the lyricist that is Iron Solomon. -BoSo


Iron Solomon vs. E-Ness from making the band. 1 Dylon 2 Dylon 3 Dylom


Iron Solomon vs. Math

The Main Event Murda Mook vs. Iron Solomon

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