Hustling Russelling Russell’s EXECUTE

For those of you who missed it Russell Westbrook delivered one of those historic post game interviews that rivals Allen Iverson’s “Practice,” Jim Mora Sr. “Playoffs,” and Marshawn Lynch’s “Thank You For Asking.” I am please to present to you the hysterical antics of Russell Westbrook who put in work versus the red hot Golden State Warriors. Westbrook recorded a staggering 17 points, 15 rebounds, and 17 assists. Talk about a TRIPLE DOUBLE! Westbrook has been balling out of his mind and his championship caliber Thunder sit in 10th place in the Wild West. Westbrook and Durant definitely proved how much of a difference they make for OKC when they are healthy. A little back story on maybe the root of his shenanigans apparently Westbrook wasn’t to fond of some of the Oklahomian’s Berry Tramel’s articles about the superstar guard.

In what is arguably the best start to a career of all time Russell Wilson is back in the Super Bowl. Last year the Seahawks dominated the Peyton Manning led Broncos which gave Wilson a world championship in his sophomore year. Did someone mention a sophomore slump? Wilson continues to excel, and is breaking the mold as an elite QB under 6 feet tall. Wilson wasn’t thought to be the top dog of his draft class that saw Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin (RG III), Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler all get selected before him. Now he is clearly the cream of the crop in that draft class as well as the NFL.

Russell Wilson reminds me of a crazy mix between Warren Moon and Randall Cunningham both of whom are revered as pioneers for “the black quarterback.”  It is funny I first noticed he was special personally after the replacement ref Monday night game. Wilson chucked a hailmary Golden Tate’s way and it was clearly intercepted by MD Jennings of the Green Bay Packers yet it was bizarrely ruled a touchdown! Afterward the interview he gave in the midst of the chaos had me believing it was indeed a touchdown. This year I didn’t realize it but Russell Wilson has rushed for 849 yards and 6 touchdowns on top of his 3,475 yards passing 20 TD and only 7 INTS through the air. Talk about effective and one of the best dual threats the game has ever seen. Mr. Wilson has made EXECUTION his staple and looks to capture his 2nd Super Bowl in 3 years in the NFL.-BoSo


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