Cristiano Ronaldo Adds More Hardware To The Trophy Room.

Cristiano Ronaldo just keeps on winning with Real Madrid in Spain and receiving individual accolades. Cristiano Ronaldo recently won his second Ballon d’or in a row. He defeated his Ballon nemesis Lionel Messi to repeat as the world’s best footballer. Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich and Germany finished third in this years campaign. That makes it the third World Player Of The Year Award that Ronaldo has won (2008,2013,2014). Cristiano Ronaldo is starting to really separate himself from the pack and really cement himself as a soccer icon with the Pele’s and Diego Maradona’s of the world. Ronaldo who is set to turn 30 on February 5th has enjoyed a lucrative career on the pitch and every girl worldwide would melt at the thought to even hug the footballer. Especially in lieu of Cristiano Ronaldo’s breakup with Russian model Irina Shayk earlier this month.


Cristiano’s now ex-girlfriend

This year Cristiano Ronaldo has not been anything short of unstoppable.In only 18 games Ronaldo has managed to score 28 goals. Which is the most of any player in any league at the midpoint of the Spanish La Liga campaign. Cristiano leads a high octane Madrid team who are currently 1st in the Spanish La Liga. Just to put what Ronaldo has done in perspective last year through 31 matches of the season Cristiano Ronaldo netted 31 goals which is a heck of a lot for a domestic season. They maybe 5 other players that score 28 goals in a whole season and Ronaldo has that mark at the halfway point. Ronaldo has been scintillating and it is know wonder he has a trophy erected in his honor in his hometown of Madeira in Portugal. The statue displays Ronaldo and has a huge bulging erection which Cristiano himself approves. 80 Million a year, all your sports accolades, and getting any girl at a wave of a finger is the recipe for an ego with no limit. Ronaldo has proved time in and out that he is that guy. If you ever get a chance to watch Cristiano play LIVE take advantage of it! -BoSo


Ronaldo statue 2
Cristiano and his son Cristiano



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