Patriots Win Super Bowl XLIV As Seattle Flounders In The Waning Moments

For those of you that saw Super Bowl 48 I know you were very pleased by the competitiveness and drama that this game presented. One of the best Super Bowls to date as far as how the game was played. Katy Perry did a fairly good job with the entertainment at intermission. Joined by Missy Elliot midway through to really get the crowd pumped for the 2nd half. Major corporations prey on the Super Bowl for new and clever marketing ploys. For me the commercials have gotten worst and worst. Nothing notable stuck out as cunning or laugh out loud hysterical.

Chris Matthews with his first ever TD in the NFL!


The fray pitted a legendary quarterback and coach duo versus the new kid on the block ready to dethrone the icon. Russell Wilson, riding off the high of his win in Superbowl 48 against another legend, Peyton Manning, was poised and ready for the challenge of the Patriots dynasty. The game was a slobber knocker indeed. New England had better of the play in the first half. Yet Russell was able to mysteriously keep his team in it with a touchdown pass to Chris Matthews who looks to be the next big thing. This kid has big play ability, logged 4 catches for 109 yards plus a TD, and is definitely on my fantasy radar for next season. In the second half Seattle controlled the game for the most part. Marshawn Lynch was running hard and getting yardage in little chunks. The Patriots amidst a 24-14 deficit going into the fourth stayed resilient and stuck with the gameplan. Brady was pressured throughout the game and never really tried Richard Sherman’s side. He had a lot of success finding Julian Edelman who was the X factor for the Patriots. He was always able to beat his man. Gronkowski proved he is the best tightend in the game as All-Pro safety Kam Chancellor looked suspect at times on the Gronk.

Then came the fourth quarter and Tom Brady was as clutch as he has ever been orchestrating drive after masterful drive. Not to be outdone by Uncle Tom Wilson showed a bit of magic himself and the defining moment came when Jermaine Kearse made an unlikely circus catch on his back to give the Seahawks a first down and put them on the goal line trailing the Patriots at this point 28-24 with about 1 minute and 30 seconds left to go in the game. What comes next has to be the biggest super bowl blunders by a coaching staff in the history of super bowls.

What a roller-coaster ride it has been so get ready for your stomach to turn Seahawk fans and Patriot fans prepare for your sickness to subside and turn into pure nostlagia. At first and goal from the seven the Seahawks gave it to Marshawn Lynch aka BEAST MODE and he bullied his way for 6 yards only to be stopped at the 1 yard line. Oh boy! here we go on second and goal for whatever reason the Seahawks decide to throw the football at the 1 yard line to their 4th best WR Ricardo Lockette which resulted in Russell Wilson throwing an interception to rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler which sealed the victory for the Patriots and gave Tom Brady and Bill Belichick their fourth Super Bowl win! These series of events was quite nail biting. Just looking back the Seahawks definitely made the worst possible play call ever. Pete Carroll I’m pointing the finger at you. May even be a middle one if I loss a substantial amount of money which I’m sure many did in Vegas. Your Pro Bowl RB who is known for his prowess in the goal line area of the field scampers for six yards on 1st and goal then you choose to throw it to your FOURTH best wideout?????? Pete Pete Pete Pete Pete that is like Phil Jackson drawing up a play for Rick Fox with both Shaq, Kobe, Robert Horry, and Derek Fisher on the floor. I can’t even fathom Pete I can’t even fathom. I gave myself four days to recover but it is almost like you were handed gold coins and you were like naw I want some pennies. The Seahawks definitely gave this one away. In the same breath the New England Patriots had to seize the opportunity and to me the are more fitting to be called “America’s Team” than the Dallas Cowgirls. Tom Brady was the MVP of Super Bowl 49 recording 328 yards 4 TDs 2 Ints on 37 of 50 throwing. Mr. Brady is very deserving of the award and I’m sure the Disney staff is looking forward to his return. -BoSo


Fans react to the defining play of Super Bowl 49

Super Bowl 49 Highlights



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