Talkin’ Football: The Offseason, Part 1

It’s only been a week and a half since the end of the NFL season; and already we have two teams being investigated, another team facing punishment, and two players that may or may not deserve to be playing in 2015. It’s about time we get back to Talkin’ Football.

(The following is a conversation between Fresh Take Sports founder, Mykhal Glass, and the Editor-in-Chief.)

Glass: Richie Incognito is back in the league yet the media still thinks he’s a bad guy.

Greg Hardy is cleared in court of those heinous charges, would you want him on the Falcons?

Editor: Richie Incognito was “not” fired for a year and a half for being rude. Let’s be honest here, 14-year-old high-school kids are matching and even beating Incognito on a daily basis and we let it go. Let’s let this man earn money for doing what he’s good at again. No one deserves to lose their livelihood simply because they’re a “meanie-head”.

Listen, we have to wash the bad taste out of our mouths from, uhhh, “league-wide-domestic-violence-gate?” and get back to football. What the court of public opinion often forgets is that after every crime there’s a post-punishment period. We want to condemn people for life and that’s not right. All of those guys are first time offenders, have been caught, had their day in court and been punished in some way. Now’s the time for them show us who they are. Did they make mistakes? Are they ready to move on? Are they repeat offenders? We deserve to let them answer the question instead of assuming on their behalf. And yes, I’d take Greg Hardy on the Falcons. We could use a running back too….
Glass: I’ll play Devil’s Advocate here; do you think if a person with a normal job were accused of the crimes that Hardy and Incognito were that they’d be allowed to work for that company again? A sexual assault accusation or a domestic abuse arrest means you will never work for AT&T again. Just saying.
But more so to my personal sentiments, I find it curious that throughout all this we the media act as if we have not been a HUGE part of the problem. We, over the years, have acted as enablers, then suddenly in a very short amount of time have switched our narrative allegiances to be more “politically correct”. It amazes me how media consistently manages to bang the gable even with handcuffs on. This week is the perfect example of the hypocrisy. As we bag on Incognito for being a “bad guy”, we elected a player into the [Pro Football] Hall of Fame who would pull his *CENSORED* out in team meetings and *CENSORED*, just to mess with teammates. (
Ehh, things change I suppose.
Editor: The NFL has a policy in place. Greg Hardy is a first time offender. Give him the six games you said all first offenders will get and let’s move on. As far as Richie Incognito’s alleged sexual assault that no one ever heard about until he was Public Enemy #1. It’s an accusation; we don’t know if it happened. It’s extremely unpopular to say, but we tend to here certain buzz words (rape, abuse, assault) and automatically assume guilt. There are women who get mad and make things up. We don’t really know these people. I’m sure since there was no trial nor investigation that she pulled her comments back due to lack of proof. Either way it’s just an accusation. (Big Ben has THREE accusations and never missed a practice by the way.)

Are you ready for the NFL to explain to us how fake crowd noise is worse than deflating the balls used in the game?
Glass: In a way it kind of is but never will I sit here and make any arguable distinction between the two because my stance on both issues is a solid “Who gives a flying flip?”
Editor: My stance, for the record, is deflating balls is definitely worse. My point in the question was it seems as though the NFL is going to turn the other cheek to the Patriots (for obvious reasons) and punish the Falcons because of the whole “zero tolerance” thing. I’m waiting for this to happen because I want to see the press conference where they try to explain it. By the way, is it me or does Roger Goodell look like a nerd attempting to ask the hot cheerleader to prom whenever he talks?
Glass: The NFL is hoping all this stuff just goes away. The best thing that could happen is during a bigger event, like the NFL Combine, the world’s fastest ticker scrolls across the bottom of the screen saying “The NFL did an investigation into each of these events and found no wrongdoing.” and everyone just lets it go.
Did we ever get around to the Coach Dan’s hiring? How do you feel about him one week in?
Editor: The Falcons have a last-day-sale coaching staff, I’m indifferent. I have to see it first. I don’t like Kyle “run away from a team whenever I can’t have my way” Shanahan though. But with the players we have on offense, he can’t really do any damage. Right?
Glass: It’s hard to mess up with a Franchise QB. With that said, the issues for this team are obvious and have been obvious for some time. Playoff wins and defense in the NFL are like that line from that Kevin Costner movie old people love “If you build it, they will come”. Staff, coaches, GM, even owner be damned. If pass rusher X gets 15 sacks next year everyone will look like geniuses. (X is NOT pseudonym for Biermann not Umenyiora!)
Editor: Breaking News from my Bleacher Report app: Teams at the top of the draft would rather have Bradford from the Rams than Jameis or Mariota. Thoughts?
Glass: Breaking News from the Rams GM: “Shittttttttttttt, what’s good?” There’s a reason each of those GM’s is at the top of the draft … they’re bad decision makers. I will concede this though, if Bradford were in this draft as a prospect (NFL sight unseen) I’d have him as the #2 QB behind Jameis Winston. I don’t know what people see so profound in Marcus Mariota. He looks like an Alex Smith clone and I promise that isn’t a diss he’s going to be very serviceable but I don’t see spectacular in him at all. (Forget that entire last paragraph if the Eagles trade up for him!)
Editor: No one is going to let Chip Kelly trade up for that spot. We still have yet to see America’s least favorite QB complete a full season for those counting at home. I really don’t know why everyone is rooting against Nick Foles so hard.
Glass: As far as Foles love, or lack thereof, I’ll leave it at this Mr. Editor. Would you want the face of your franchise to look eerily similar to Napoleon Dynamite?
Editor: As long as said face of that franchise can be as successful as said movie, I’d be cool with it.
Glass: What has happened recently to add to God’s obvious hatred of Cleveland? Did the Browns move to LA? Actually that might be a blessing.
Editor: Josh Gordon is still stupid. Manziel has said he’s an alcoholic and went to rehab. Justin Gilbert is apparently also a problem too. To top it all off, the team is facing punishment due to the owner being too hand’s on.
Glass: *Pours a little 40 for my friend Nate who is a lifelong masochist er, I mean Browns fan.* They are learning the same lesson the New York Knicks’ fans have endured the past 15 years: “When you have a crappy owner it trickles down throughout the organization and makes it impossible for you to be successful.” Your two best players are drug and alcohol abusers? its Jimmy Haslam’s fault.

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