Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

It is Monday March 23rd and welcome back to the Fresh Take  Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins.

March is winding down, the NCAA tournament is unfolding and there is one thing on my mind…the NBA playoffs. With all the excitement and success of the elite teams the question for Atlanta basketball fans that i pose is would you bet on The Hawks to go deep into the playoffs? Continue reading Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Freshtake Artist To Watch: Troy Ave


Roland Collins better known as Troy Ave is a hot new rapper on the rise. How long he lasts will be up to him but the kid definitely has the JUICE. Collins was born in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn New York. His first studio album was released in 2013 entitled New York City. It debuted at number 47 on the US billboards. After hearing some tracks Troy Ave released I can tell you this artist his the lyrical skill and the charisma to be a top player in the rap game for years to come. -BoSo

March Madness!!!!

It is that time of year again. Spring is upon us so you know everyone is excited at the sight of bright sunny skies and sandy beaches. With all those wonderful things comes March Madness!!!! The craziest time of the year! With the spring equinox coming nearer and amazing shopping deals drawing people out of their homes as well as numerous recreation activities now becoming accessible. College Basketball provides hoop fans as well as sports fans the ability to predict the outcome of the NCAA tournament. Over the years the popularity of the tournament challenges has put Americans and even people across the globe into a frenzy. Many stars of today used this national platform to hone their skills and apprentice their competitive prowess. Stars such as Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Anthony Davis, and Chris Paul helped to make a name for themselves during the prestigious tourney. Usually the tournament has a good bit of surprises with “Davids” usually cloning themselves to kill off the Goliath’s in the field. Given the way America came to be I see why people in America love to see the underdog excel beyond expectations. The emotion and passion the tournament exudes just creates a lingering mystique that makes it fun to fill out your bracket and literally try to predict the MADNESS. This year will be no different I’m sure. Since there is an undefeated Kentucky team that former NBA and current SMU coach says can make the NBA Playoffs if in the league. It makes for some interesting brackets and could lead to a lot of brackets being busted by a Cinderella in search of her glass slipper. -BoSo

What it means to the lads


FreshtakeSports Pays Tribute to the Late Stuart Scott (July 19, 1965-January 4, 2015)


Most people in America are exposed to ESPN. In fact it composes of at least 90% of the sports knowledge we have today. Over the years each day ESPN’s cast of characters present to us the news and analysis. Arguably the most influential Sportscenter newscaster has been Stuart Scott. He has been a unique figure who brought charisma and wit to sports commentary that really got even the most morose individuals excited about sports. When people think basketball they automatically think Michael Jordan and the same holds true for Sportscenter and the name Stuart Scott. He really revolutionized the position of boring newscaster into a fun almost rockstar like profession that many sports lovers are actively working to pursue. All of us at Freshtakesports really appreciate the work and reputation Stuart Scott has garnered and has played a role in all our ambitions to move up the ladder of sports journalism or any other realm in the sports arena. Mr. Scott died of cancer and left a lasting imprint on many lives beyond the world of professional sports. So me and my freshtake colleagues give out our deepest and sincerest condolences to the Scott family. We salute you Stuart Scott for everything you stood for as a man and professional. Rest in everlasting peace my brother as we are all mere visitors and eventually we will be coming home. -BoSo

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Lil Wayne references Mr. Scott in the intro to an epic album.