FreshtakeSports Pays Tribute to the Late Stuart Scott (July 19, 1965-January 4, 2015)


Most people in America are exposed to ESPN. In fact it composes of at least 90% of the sports knowledge we have today. Over the years each day ESPN’s cast of characters present to us the news and analysis. Arguably the most influential Sportscenter newscaster has been Stuart Scott. He has been a unique figure who brought charisma and wit to sports commentary that really got even the most morose individuals excited about sports. When people think basketball they automatically think Michael Jordan and the same holds true for Sportscenter and the name Stuart Scott. He really revolutionized the position of boring newscaster into a fun almost rockstar like profession that many sports lovers are actively working to pursue. All of us at Freshtakesports really appreciate the work and reputation Stuart Scott has garnered and has played a role in all our ambitions to move up the ladder of sports journalism or any other realm in the sports arena. Mr. Scott died of cancer and left a lasting imprint on many lives beyond the world of professional sports. So me and my freshtake colleagues give out our deepest and sincerest condolences to the Scott family. We salute you Stuart Scott for everything you stood for as a man and professional. Rest in everlasting peace my brother as we are all mere visitors and eventually we will be coming home. -BoSo

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Lil Wayne references Mr. Scott in the intro to an epic album.




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