March Madness!!!!

It is that time of year again. Spring is upon us so you know everyone is excited at the sight of bright sunny skies and sandy beaches. With all those wonderful things comes March Madness!!!! The craziest time of the year! With the spring equinox coming nearer and amazing shopping deals drawing people out of their homes as well as numerous recreation activities now becoming accessible. College Basketball provides hoop fans as well as sports fans the ability to predict the outcome of the NCAA tournament. Over the years the popularity of the tournament challenges has put Americans and even people across the globe into a frenzy. Many stars of today used this national platform to hone their skills and apprentice their competitive prowess. Stars such as Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Anthony Davis, and Chris Paul helped to make a name for themselves during the prestigious tourney. Usually the tournament has a good bit of surprises with “Davids” usually cloning themselves to kill off the Goliath’s in the field. Given the way America came to be I see why people in America love to see the underdog excel beyond expectations. The emotion and passion the tournament exudes just creates a lingering mystique that makes it fun to fill out your bracket and literally try to predict the MADNESS. This year will be no different I’m sure. Since there is an undefeated Kentucky team that former NBA and current SMU coach says can make the NBA Playoffs if in the league. It makes for some interesting brackets and could lead to a lot of brackets being busted by a Cinderella in search of her glass slipper. -BoSo

What it means to the lads


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