Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

It is Monday March 23rd and welcome back to the Fresh Take  Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins.

March is winding down, the NCAA tournament is unfolding and there is one thing on my mind…the NBA playoffs. With all the excitement and success of the elite teams the question for Atlanta basketball fans that i pose is would you bet on The Hawks to go deep into the playoffs?

I believe that the Atlanta Hawks are a great team that understands how to win, they had great success throughout the regular season but playoffs are a different monster. If they can raise their level of play and get everyone healthy I believe they will end up like the Orlando Magic team with Dwight Howard that went to the Finals or shock the world like the Detroit Pistons with Chauncey Billups and company. I see a mix of similar traits of strong points.

The only way that I see the Hawks going deep into the playoffs is by them raising the intensity and keeping everyone healthy, they make up for that supreme star by using the entire team, perfect example is when they recently lost to the Thunder, if the entire team is not healthy and in attack mode they cannot will themselves to a victory against a Russell Westbrook or a LeBron James.

Signing off from the fresh take zone with yours truly, remember to always do the rite thing, stay blessed and keep it fresh.

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