Fresh Take Zone with Rahmad Hawkins

Yes it is that time. Time for the Final Four. Two 40 minute games away from crowning a champion. My question to you is are the UK team a lock that can be taken down or do they have this tournament sealed up in the vault? Let’s get it started,  welcome to the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly Rahmad Hawkins.

Throughout this year’s tournament with all the ups and downs, busted brackets, excitement and frustration there has been one team that we could always count on, UK (University of Kentucky). They have shown that they are the real deal up until recently when the Fighting Irish almost did the impossible. The fact that they came within two points of the biggest upset reminds me of the scene from 300 when Leonidas struck Xerxes with a spear showing him he is not immortal, making him see himself bleed. This was indeed the biggest challenge UK has faced and it will either be a lesson learned by them or their next opponent.

I expect UK to correct their mistakes and get back on track. If not, the championship is up for grabs. This has been a Fresh Take moment from the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly, until next time stay blessed and Keep it Fresh.

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