A Few Key Points on The Hawks Game Tonight (7pm on NBATV)

    1.  Ride Kyle Korver.

  • With Milsap and Horford fighting through injuries, this should be one of those rare nights where Kyle takes 15+ shots.
  1. Control the Tempo.

  • Its going to be imperative that Jeff Teague and Dennis Schroder run the Brooklyn old heads out of the gym. Lets get some rest for the banged up guys in the fouth tonight!
  1. No need to double Brook Lopez, but deny deny DENY!

  • My biggest take away from game one of the series is that Brook Lopez is a large dude. We have no answer for that size, fortunately for us we don’t have to. The Nets Selfish one-on-one style of play hurts them because all the iso-Joe’s and Jarrett Jack “I got this” plays mean less shots for the best player on their team. Brook finished last game with 7 shot, of which he hit 6. While I don’t think he has the ticker to win a playoff game on the road by himself, I don’t want to find out.


-Somebody shut up Lionel Hollins! Go Hawks!!!

We will check back in at the half to see what the Hawks are doing right and wrong.

– Glass

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