Hawks At The Half…

With the first half in the books, the main key point is that Atlanta has to make shots. When the Hawks are making their open looks Brooklyn doesn’t stand a chance. DeMarre Carroll scored 0 points in the half despite a bevy of good looks.  I look for him to rebound and have a strong second half. Here is what else we saw:

  1. Jarrett Jack channeling his inner Chris Paul

-The Nets can their only being 3 points behind almost entirely to Jack who poured in 16.

  1. Keep finding Korver!

– Hawks went a four minute stretch in the 2nd quarter without putting the ball in the net, a Korver bomb was able to break that streak and lift the crowd.

  1. Break the Nets spirit.

– A common theme in these Games 2’s has been the team down 1-0 has come out for blood in the second game, each time the home team has been able to step on the road teams throatby the 4th, Hawks should be no different.

Enjoy the rest of the game!

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