Hawks vs Nets Game 2 Recap

Hawks Win… Barely.

We start in the fourth quarter…

Let me preface this by saying, I am not a fan of third quarters. Unless something dramatic happens, I just personally don’t feel that you learn a lot in them. It’s the most “status quo” of the four stanzas. The first 3 minutes are teams trying to establish whatever good word the coach put in the ear at the half and the final 9 usually play out where the team bide time til the fireworks show that is the Fourth Quarter.

The Hawks quickly established a double digit lead and yet with seconds left in the game Brooklyn was a wide open Deron Williams 15 footer away from sending that bad boy into OT. Playoff basketball is all about intensity, but if the rest of the Hawks playoff run is going to give me these type of palpitations my 23 year old head may sprout a grey or two. This is of course, part of the fun. This game was a microcosm of how many feel this series going. The Nets are a playoff team, with proven vets on the roster, they may not be great but they certainly aren’t terrible. It’s the little things that will ultimately be the Nets downfall.  Watching Joe pass that ball on the crucial position of the game, and knowing somehow the possession was going to end badly was as predictable as Ben Affleck making a really shitty Batman. Brooklyn didn’t fall apart at the seams, but they ultimately succumbed to the pressure put on them by the Hawks consistency and their system.

The Hawks system is fairly simple. The sum of their parts is greater than the whole,never is that more apparent than when their slashers slash and their shooters shoot. The Hawks have taken players that other teams would view as one dimensional and filled with flaws and accentuated the things they do well. Kent Bazemore’s back door cuts are just as beautiful as Kyle Korver’s 3’s. In Hawks-land passing up good shoots for great ones is embedded into the DNA just as the “Pac Man” is on the court. This was not a perfect night for ATL by any means, but the Hawks did what they have done all season; find a way to win.

Here are some stats and shout- outs before we get out of here:

  • Welcome Back Milsap! 7/11 shooting, including 4/4 from deep. Poured in 19 much needed points
  • Hawks maintain balance with 5 players in double figures scoring (Korver, Horford, Milsap, Teague, and Schroder) – Pero also had 8
  • Shout out to Young Thug! Seen seated courtside repping ATL to the fullest! (Side Note: Check out his first studio album Barter 6, its actually pretty good)

  • Shout out to Sir Foster, the dopest Organ player on God’s green pastures. The look my Aunt has when she hears rap music played on the Organ is PRICELESS

Next up, a plane ride to BK, where all Hawks players will stay in their hotel rooms and NOT REMOTELY THINK ABOUT HITTING A CLUB <_<.

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