Prospect Watch: Frank Kaminsky

NBA teams have made a habit of overlooking college seniors in the early stages of the draft, but Frank Kaminsky is looking to reverse that trend on June 25th. Its an old school move to stay in school and develop your game, Kaminsky could have left Wisconsin and followed the trend, but obviously he decided on the road less traveled.

Kaminsky’s body type, skill set and strengths compare very similar to Andrea Bargnani(hopefully a more consistent version). He is a face up PF/C that moves pretty graceful for his size. He has added a good bit of polish to his offensive game, but he will more than likely need to play alongside a rim protecting big to anchor a defense at the pro-level.

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Prospect Watch: Willie Cauley-Stein

“You’re a 100 million dollar player”

Hall of famer Larry Bird said a few great things in refrence to the most athletic center in the 2015 NBA draft. Unfortunately for Bird, the Pacers may not have a high enough pick to select him, but trading up for the kid may actually be a very smart decision in the long run.

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The Stage Is Set Barca Vs. Juve in the Champions League Finale!!!

Soccer fans across the world will be glued to their television’s as the best two club teams in Europe and typically in the world face off in a clash of the titans on June 6, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. In a classic duel of a high octane offense in Barcelona versus a very discipline and staunch defense in Juventus. Barcelona has a fierce three headed attack of 3 of the games most prolific scorers currently. Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Jr. are goal merchants so Juventus will definitely have their work cut out trying to contain the three soccer superstars. On the other side Juventus is a scrappy group of technically sound footballers. Notable players that will need to dazzle for Juve to fair well against mighty Barca are Carlos Tevez, Paul Pogba, and Giorgio Chiellini. Both teams had a long journey to this point with Juventus defeating favorites Real Madrid who are led by Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid’s former player Alvaro Morata proved to be the X factor versus his former club scoring in both of the legs helping Juve to defeat Real 3-2 on aggregate (aggregate is total goals between two matches). Barcelona defeated Mighty Bayern Munich in order to reach the finals 5-3 on aggregate. So both squads deservedly earned the right to play for the crown of world’s best football club in Europe!!!!

Suarez, Neymar, and Messi celebrating a goal…(Left) Andrea Pirlo celebrating a Juventus goal (right)


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The Eve Of The Fight Of The Century

Music To Amp the Epic Clash

The fight of the century is finally upon us. I never thought it was going to happen. Flash forward after all the delays, hiccups, ducking, and dodging the fight that boxing desperately needed is less than 40 hours from becoming a major event in American history. This fight is sure to be remembered for years no matter what the outcome. For whatever reason I expect a lot of controversy to coincide with the clash. The terms of the contract both fighters agreed to is that Mayweather will receive 60% of the purse and Pacquiao will receive the remaining 40%. The contract discrepancy was a contributing factor to stalling the fight the first time around in Money team status indeed!!! Floyd is definitely making out like a bandit is the contract payout was part of the reason why this fight took so long to come to fruition. Both fighters are about to make boxing history and literally break the bank. Mayweather is projected to make about 160 million from this fight and Pacquiao is projected to make 110 million from the fight. The expected grand total for the two is 270 million dollars! Some countries don’t even generate that much GDP in a calendar year.

Image result for Mayweather vs Pacquiao

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