The Eve Of The Fight Of The Century

Music To Amp the Epic Clash

The fight of the century is finally upon us. I never thought it was going to happen. Flash forward after all the delays, hiccups, ducking, and dodging the fight that boxing desperately needed is less than 40 hours from becoming a major event in American history. This fight is sure to be remembered for years no matter what the outcome. For whatever reason I expect a lot of controversy to coincide with the clash. The terms of the contract both fighters agreed to is that Mayweather will receive 60% of the purse and Pacquiao will receive the remaining 40%. The contract discrepancy was a contributing factor to stalling the fight the first time around in Money team status indeed!!! Floyd is definitely making out like a bandit is the contract payout was part of the reason why this fight took so long to come to fruition. Both fighters are about to make boxing history and literally break the bank. Mayweather is projected to make about 160 million from this fight and Pacquiao is projected to make 110 million from the fight. The expected grand total for the two is 270 million dollars! Some countries don’t even generate that much GDP in a calendar year.

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Some sources from Top Rank state that the fight delay created the record breaking revenue both fighters are about to cash in on. I would think waiting to fight a worthy opponent for 6 years is worth a payout of about 150 million dollars so I’m thinking it was strategically planned maneuver to make it rain like no other at this postponed date. Both fighters have trained extremely hard and it is set up to be a memorable fight. Pacquiao is seen as the underdog in most people eyes probably because Mayweather is foreign to the taste of defeat. Pacquiao’s record is 57 wins 5 losses and 2 draws and Money Mayweather has 47 wins to his credit with no defeats. The tale of the tape goes as follows Manny Pacquiao also called the Pacman comes in at 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 145 pounds, with a 67 inch reach, and a southpaw (left-handed) with the WBO welterweight title to back him. Floyd Money Mayweather comes in at 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 146 pounds, with a 72 inch reach, the righty has the unified WBA and WBC titles. The undisputed welterweight crown will be on the line as well the legend (Pacquiao) and legacy (Mayweather) of both fighters,


The fight of the century was made possible because both boxing networks HBO and Showtime agreed on terms to host the pay-per-view event. As well as the purse, drug testing, location of the bout details were all ironed out. It all went down January 27, 2015 when the pair met at a Miami Heat game versus the Milwaukee Bucks. The two crossed paths and exchanged numbers and as they say the rest is history. I expect Mayweather to win just because he will not take any unnecessary risks and Pacquiao will more than likely got frustrated and start throwing wild haymakers that Floyd is to adept at countering. Mayweather’s quickness and hand speed will give Pacquiao issues as well as the 5 inch reach advantage he has on the Pacman. As far as power is concerned I’ll give it to Pacquiao by far and his mobility is being slept on. The biggest thing for Pacquiao will be pacing himself and not exerting too much energy too early cause I notice when he lets his emotion cloud best boxing practices then he gets knocked the F out. If he remains patient and attack Mayweather’s body he stands a great chance of winning. If I was a betting man I’m definitely going with the MONEY team in their first bout and I’m sure Vegas will be in a wild frenzy taking billions dollars that will come via bets.



Mayweather vs. Pacquiao contract agreement!


Pacquiao training

Mayweather training



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