Prospect Watch: Frank Kaminsky

NBA teams have made a habit of overlooking college seniors in the early stages of the draft, but Frank Kaminsky is looking to reverse that trend on June 25th. Its an old school move to stay in school and develop your game, Kaminsky could have left Wisconsin and followed the trend, but obviously he decided on the road less traveled.

Kaminsky’s body type, skill set and strengths compare very similar to Andrea Bargnani(hopefully a more consistent version). He is a face up PF/C that moves pretty graceful for his size. He has added a good bit of polish to his offensive game, but he will more than likely need to play alongside a rim protecting big to anchor a defense at the pro-level.

Why College Grads get NO Love??:

Frank Kaminsky, photographed October 8th, 2014, in Madison, Wisconsin. Credit: Photograph by Art Streiber, styling by Kim Stafford
Frank Kaminsky, photographed October 8th, 2014, in Madison, Wisconsin.

As usual, the typical “overclassmen hate” has been following Kaminsky since the year started. As we get closer and closer to draft day, whispers of the 22 year old being to close to his ceiling” are being passed around NBA round tables. 

After four full years of collegiate strength and conditioning programs, NBA teams want instant success. That being said, no one is expecting Kaminsky to impact his rookie season like Magic Johnson did  back in the 80’s. However in time Frank can be a terrific rotational player and perhaps even a decent starter if he finds the right team and system.


“If I were to move to Europe for a couple of years and change my name to Kaponovic, I’d be a first round draft pick”–Jason Kapono

Bust Alert: I remember like it was yesterday when Jason Kapono shocked the NBA world with that statement. The outspoken 3point shooter went on to have a pretty underwhelming NBA career, but he did bring up a great point.


The corporate media is desperately in search for the next White-American Superstar … But Can Doug McDermott really be the next Larry Bird???


THE GREAT WHITE HOPE:  Its safe to say that every year a NBA scout will overhype at least one European player, whether it’s the 2004 Darko Milicic or 2011’s Jan Vesely. For some reason European players always seem to project higher than Americans.  For an example of this, look no further than Kristaps Porzingis, who is actually projected to be drafted way ahead of Kaminsky. How does a 7foot college senior, who took his team to a national championship get up staged like that?

Perhaps Kapono was right….What if Frank Kaminsky’s name was Vladimir Kaminsky? What if he was from the Ukraine and never played in the NCAA?

Chances are if all those things were true, we would be hearing about “THE NEXT DIRK NOWITSKI” by some over-zealous sport writer on Usually these kids begin to crack under the pressure of the NBA season, then by their 3rd year they fail meeting the lofty expectations.

Fresh’s Take: Granted I have a decent feeling Frank the Tank will be an impact role player on a very good playoff team ala Robert Horry. I also feel he could potentially be Andrea Bargnani part 2 for a perennial lottery team. Outside of the can’t miss prospects it’s very difficult to project greatness. This is why calling the kid a bust is almost as stupid as calling him the next Dirk.

Greatness is an incredibly challenging attribute to harness, so all rookies are best off staying humble and focused. In due time the cream always rises to the top, lets wait and see just how far Kaminisky can climb before we label him prematurely.

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