Swaggy Azalea

Laker guard Nick Young popped the question to Iggy Azalea on his 30th birthday a couple days ago. This courtship has been almost 2 years in the making, gaining her attention after a “Woman Crush Wednesday” tweet in 2013. Since then, Nick and Iggy have been a hot couple, ducking and dodging the paparazzi in Los Angeles. Just think, 65 years ago this would probably be an obituary article, but today the flashy jump shooter can enjoy his Angel-Food cake in peace…..one piece…two pieces, or even 3 pieces at a time…


Congratulations to the young couple!!! …            The (“Young”) Couple

Its been such a Swaggy summer in Hollywood, after stealing the 2nd pick in the NBA draft, maybe all this L.A. love can land the Lakers a big time free agent. Either way we wish the best for Swaggy-Azalea, here’s hoping they beat the marriage statistics, and can last the test of time.

-Fresh Love

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