Prospect Watch: Justise Winslow

Justise Winslow appeared to take a small step back after his measurements were recorded at the NBA combine. He wasn’t as big as some scouts expected him to be, (only) measuring 6’4.5″ without shoes. Granted, he’s not the tallest wing prospect, but Justise makes up for it with incredible strength. He has the type of game that can potentially fit on any roster, an athletic 3-D wing who can defend multiple positions and bully weaker players when attacking the basket. After his 1 and done national championship season, many GM’s are projecting a very high ceiling for this young NBA prospect.

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One of the first things that jumped out at me when I watch Winslow is his voice and demeanor. When I close my eyes and listen to him, he sounds a tad bit similar to Michael Jordan. Obviously the pitch of a players vocal cords doesn’t make him an All Star, but perhaps it doesn’t hurt. Just ask Kobe Bryant, who pretty much cloned Jordan’s style like a scientist using stem cell research.


On the NBA level, Winslow’s size and skill project him as a small forward, but his versatility to play shooting guard could potentially make him an All-Star. Offensively his handle and scoring abilty might not be ideal for the 2-position but he definitely  has the lateral quickness to keep up with smaller players on the opposite end of the court. For this reason, coaching style and team philosophy will be crucial for his development.

Players like Kris Middleton and Jimmy Butler have played phenomenal ball outside of their primary position.  This is because coaches like Tom Thibodeau and Jason Kidd implement offensive game-plans that cover their weaknesses in the offense.

Traditionally, shooting guards need to be able to consistently create their own shots on offense. However, with a dynamic point guard, or by using a motion-style offense, coaches are now blurring the lines of traditional basketball positions.

Winslow has the look of a team captain, always focused. It’s something to be said about a dude who just wants to win. A player might not be the best physical specimen, but the passion to dominate your opponent is what separates a young Mike Jordan from a young Vince Carter. If he keeps his inentisty the sky is the limit





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