Chris Brown: Simp Or Pimp ???

Have you ever had a girlfriend you couldn’t shake out your mind? Breakups are rarely ever easy, just ask Chris Brown who was caught by paparazzi trying to get back with his ex girl, Karrueche Tran. Poor Chris, It seems he needs a role model or a big brother to tell him things like, “Its 2015, NEVER go out with a girl named ‘Tran …… Maybe that’s a low blow, but you can never be too safe these days … especially in southern California.

Caitlyn jokes aside, the first rule of the game is never follow your ex-girlfriend. Especially if your following her into a car against her will. I know heart break is tuff to crack, but you got to keep your pride Big Homie. Shake it off, and remember, your Chris “frickin” Brown, you can always pick a new Karrueche like picking socks at Wal-Mart.

Chris already knew “These hoes ain’t loyal“, which is why I’m so surprised to see him out here begging like Keith Sweat.



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