The Curse of Lil B …

The Golden State Warriors last chance to win the NBA finals may rest in the hands of hip-hop celebrity Lil B. After hexing Kevin Durant with mean tweets about his lack of swag and giving James Harden the “cookin’ curse”, Lil B has now set his sights on LeBron James, but unfortunately for Warrior fans the evil power of ‘BasedGod’ seems to be having a reverse affect in the NBA finals.

Lebron James is on pace to have arguably the best statistical NBA finals in history. He is literally averaging 40-point triple-doubles like a player 3 decades ahead of his peers. The last time anybody put up numbers this great was probably when Wilt Chamberlain was dominating 6’3″ white guys in short-shorts. What Lebron is doing in these games is flat out amazing, and it seems that the Hip-Hop demon cant do anything about it.


 James Harden got the Curse after not giving credit to LIL B for his “cookin” celebration. When asked, James Harden said he didn’t steal anything and that he’s never even heard of Lil B.

The self proclaimed “BasedGod” has actually been an integral part of the 2014/2015 NBA season. However it seems like his last curse was a blessing in disguise for Cleveland fans. Originally having Lebron James in his crosshairs it seems the voodoo missed its target and landed directly on Kyrie Irving’s knee. At first this appeared to be a devastating blow but with the spectacular (dirty) defensive play from Matthew Dellvedova it seems the Cavaliers are stronger than ever before.


Kevin Durant caught the curse after going back and forth with LIL B on twitter… Clearly not knowing the full extent of Lil B’s power, Kevin Durant has had an injury plagued season, missing the playoffs for the first time in 5 years.


This curse might just make sense when you think about it… Kevin Durant and James Harden are loved NBA players, considered to be “good guys” by fans across America. However Lebron James in many ways is the perennial evil villain in the NBA. As much as fans love him, it would seem that LeBron has double the amount that truly hate him. Obviously this must fuel Lebron who literally feeds off evil like Venom in Spiderman…getting stronger and stronger with every mean tweet about his receding hair-line or Delonte West’s relationship with his mother.

Now After taking a 2-1 lead and stealing home court advantage, Its obvious that the curse is back-firing…Sorry Warrior fans, Lil B may have officially created a monster.

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