Ray Rice Redemption?

Ray Rice and his family have really been through the ringer this past year. Ever since TmZ news leaked the elevator scene from hell, Ray Rice and his (now) wife Janay have been scrambling trying to restore the running back’s image with the media. Easier said than done, but Ray Rice is still killing the gym, doing weightlifting, cardio,cross-fit and everything in between at BlueStreak Sports Training Center in Stamford, Connecticut.


At only 28 years old, Ray Rice still has a couple good seasons left in the tank, but will any NFL team be willing to take on the 24 hour media circus that comes with the former Baltimore star?

At 5’8″  Ray Rice is a strong runner with a very low center of gravity. When healthy and focused he is easily a top 12 player at his position in the NFL. From a physical standpoint his health is the only thing that can slow him down, rushing for One Thousand or more yards 4 out of his 6 NFL seasons. Perhaps most teams will pass up on that but certainly at least one General Manager will take a chance on the former Pro-Bowler. At first glance, one cant help but think the New England Patriots will give a small contract to Ray. The Patriots are notoriously known for taking chances on players with spotty track records.

Also Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are always looking for a quality deal. After signing Greg Hardy in the offseason, its not even certain he will be able to play the entire season. On the contrary Ray Rice has already served his suspension, and would thus be available week 1 with no red tape or potential barriers. This puts Ray in a good position to impress a team in need of a feature back with Pro-Bowl potential.


At the end of the day this is his profession and he needs a steady pay check to help support his family. Ray Rice will probably be a media lightning rod for the rest of his career, but look for him to have an amazing come back story if he falls in the right situation. Some fans might boo and jeer initially, but after he breaks a few 30 yard scampers, I’m pretty sure he will be loved like never before. On the flipside there will be many hoping that he blows his knee during his first practice or scrimmage.   Everybody isn’t lucky enough to get a second chance, so I hope he makes the most of it.


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