#HashTag Bully Season

As the Golden State Warriors battle the Cleveland Cavaliers for NBA history, Carmelo Anthony is battling the weight room, and “#BullySeason” has been his motto. Literally having the worst season of his career,  the former scoring champion is looking to RISE to new heights.

Check Out The Hops…

MeLo had a minor knee procedure after the all star break, but it seems that he is back to 100% … jumping like a rookie in the Draft Combine, #NeverStopReachingForYourGoals

Going into the 2015/2016 season the Knicks will field almost an entirely new starting line up….The one face sure to remain the same is Carmelo Anthony.

Its no secret Phil Jackson blew up the roster in an attempt to rebuild a team that can buy into his PHILosophy. With plenty of cap space and a top 4 pick in the draft, the Knicks are looking to take on a new identity this fall. It was only a  2 short seasons ago when Carmelo led New York to a division title on a impressive 54 win team.  Now after 2 regressive seasons, Melo is looking to reclaim that former glory and take his career to the next level.

Its still early, but its good to see Melo grinding, hopefully the hard work pays off…


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