Hope Solo: The American Double Standard

With the FIFA Women’s world cup quietly in full swing, the biggest story has been taking place off the soccer field. American goalkeeper Hope Solo has been carrying a huge rain cloud over her head after *allegedly going psycho-bitch-mode on some Seattle police officers. Acting belligerent and drunk, threatning family members, and everybody in between, Hope Solo illustrated the American double standard between “white” and “black”.

Keith Olbermann sounds off…

Now before the hate mail begins, I must say its not my intent to start a smear campaign against Hope Solo, but it is an interesting dilemma that “we” face as a nation. For Instance, what happens  that day if the cops responded to a domestic violence call from a black family?… The law of averages suggest that a completely different scenario would have unfolded…a scenario resulting in dead bodies and Al Sharpton led marches.


We all seen this movie before, but when you recast the characters , the ending is never the same. “Equality” is a word I stopped believing in before I took training wheels off my bicycle. I mean “equality” sounds good and all, but as a black man, you probably have a better chance catching the tooth fairy, then walking away “drunk and violent” from a situation with police officers. I’m not as mad as Keith Olbermann, I don’t really care whether or not Hope is suspended, because for my people it seems “hope” has always been suspended. Getting in trouble doesn’t guarantee that she will change her behavior, so whatever Hope Solo is dealing with, I pray she gets help… before she gets the Eric Garner treatment.


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